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ChakraCore engine officially open sourced by Microsoft

ChakraCore engine officially open sourced by Microsoft

by AshwinJanuary 14, 2016

Back in December, we reported that Microsoft would be open sourcing part of its Chakra browser engine in January 2016.

ChakraCore engine officially open sourced

And the Redmond company, true to its word, has just done the same.

The engine, based on Javascript, has been open sourced at the popular GitHub repository, under the project name ChakraCore. It is licensed under the MIT License, so that rules out GPL licensed code being used in it. But ChakraCore can be used in GPL based projects, because that’s how the licesning works.

Gaurav Seth, the Primary Program Manager for the Chakra team, announced the news at Microsoft’s official website today.

The ChakraCore engine is similar to the one implied in Microsoft Edge as well as the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) for Windows 10 devices. It has already poroven to be an incredible performer, beating major competitors in benchmark tests.

Here is an official video from the Chakra Team about the new open source ChakraCore project.

Developers around the world can view the code at the GitHub repository, and offer their feedback and suggestions, improvements to the code, security fixes, and feature additions to it. This is the great thing about open source software, it has no limits. Remember how the Live Writer app was revived as Open Live Writer ?

This applies to the ChakraCore project’s parent engine, Chakra as well, as Microsoft will accept some important contributions (major features) from the developer community and input them from ChakraCore, to the Chakra Engine itself, which means the community is developing Microsoft Edge as well.

In fact, Windows 10 was also developed based on user feedback, aka the Insider Preview Program. So it is possible, that is what gave Microsoft the idea to open source Chakra.

That doesn’t mean that Microsoft isn’t working on it anymore. The company states that it will be developing new components for Chakra, using the new open source project.

Developers can also check out the Roadmap for ChakraCore, which Microsoft intends to follow for the next 6 months. The source code, can be used for building apps on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and above, by using Visual Studio 2013/2015 and C++.

Microsoft says it will be porting the code, to support ChakraCore on Linux, in the future.

The Redmond company could have delayed Extensions support for Microsoft Edge, until it open sourced its engine. Now that it has been done, we could see extensions for Edge arriving in the near future.