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Our interview with cleverbridge

Our interview with cleverbridge

by FileCriticJuly 13, 2016

We are pleased to announce to have done an interview with cleverbridge. They have asked us to provide suggestions and tips about new affiliates and how to start/improve sales and conversion rates.

cleverbridge global subscription billing solutions effectively help companies to build long-term relationships with customers, growing their revenue and increasing ROI as well.

cleverbridge solutions have been awarded, acclaimed many times and used by top companies in the software industry like Acronis, Corel, Malwarebytes, CyberGhost and more.

They provides flexible cloud-based billing solutions that quickly integrates with customer systems. This makes easier and faster to work on subscription based models delivering a seamless customer experience.

A special thanks goes to Mrs. Amy Carabini (cleverbridge affiliate marketing manager) that made this interview possible.


You can read the full interview at the cleverbridge website here