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Clipboard Master is the best replacement for the Windows Clipboard

Clipboard Master is the best replacement for the Windows Clipboard

by AshwinMarch 2, 2016

The Windows Clipboard is probably one of the most used features in Windows.

Clipboard Master menu

But it has literally zero customization or advanced settings. You know what I mean, the Windows Clipboard erases anything it had stored earlier, if you copy anything else to it, be it a letter or an entire page, or even a file or folder.

As a writer, this is my greatest annoyance with the clipboard. It destroys anything I may have stored, making me write it all over again. And it is for this reason, I avoid using it at all. What is a good replacement for the Windows Clipboard?

Meet Clipboard Master, and it truly does live up to its name. Let’s take a look its features.

Clipboard Master stores the entire history of your clipboard, so you don’t have to worry about overwritten text in the clipboard. Want to hear something even more special about that? The application lets you view, edit, copy, paste anything which was stored in the clipboard. This includes images, text, files and folders, and you can store up to 10,000 entries.

For convenience, the application the stories the entries in reverse chronological order, i.e., the newest one is at the top of the list. But fret not, for the program has a search function built into it, so finding an old content is a simple task. The GUI of the app which can be brought from the tray icon, or by using the keyboard shortcut Windows key + V.

Clipboard Master

You can delete any of the entries by right-clicking on them, and you can even undo the deletion, which is quite priceless to be honest. To paste an entry, select it and just click on it again and it will be pasted to the application you have running in the foreground, say Notepad or Word for example. You can even edit the content by right clicking on an entry and selecting the edit button.

Clipboard Master has a built in text viewer and image viewer which lets you preview the contents before editing or pasting them. It also has a file compression option, which lets you compress files and folders into archives easily.

More advanced options in the program include a password safe, a screenshot tool, text templates and more. Download Clipboard Master for free from the official website.


Easy to use
Can store 10000 entries
Can store text, pictures, files and folders
Delete and undo delete
Works with any Windows program
Preview text and images
Can take screenshots
Can compress files


Not really a con, but for privacy reasons, you may not want to use Clipboard Master on a shared computer, or one which you use in a public place like an office.

I daresay that Clipboard Master is much better than the popular open source app, Ditto clipboard manager.