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Corel VideoStudio X9 Review

Corel VideoStudio X9 Review

by July 6, 2016

Corel VideoStudio Review

Corel VideoStudio X9 is one of the best programs on the software market for creating and editing your own video projects. Thanks to the program you can easily create and edit your videos without the need of professional video skills. Thanks to a very intuitive interface and plenty of advanced video tools, you have the possibility to create real masterpieces and share them among your friends. Feature with which the program provides you are really great. Thanks to Corel VideoStudio X9 you will create amazing videos and slideshows like video professionals.

Download and Installation- The trial version of Corel VideoStudio X9 is available for download on the official Corel website. It is an online installer (about 11 MB in size); so for installing the program, you need an Internet connection. The trial version is currently distributed in seven languages- Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Japanese. You can test Corel VideoStudio X9 for 30 days with only some trial limitations, for example, in the trial version you cannot use some video formats, burn videos to disks, etc.

The installation process is very simple but a bit longer. After running the online installer, the program will start downloading all required components from the Internet (they are more than 1 GB) and then installing them. Corel VideoStudio X9 takes 3,54 GB of hard disk space and the installation time is about 10 minutes.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 3

Installation 5

The Interface of the Program- as other Corel programs, Corel VideoStudio X9 has got a very convenient and easy to use interface. For convenience’s sake and for better working with your video projects, it is divided into three tabs- Capture, Edit and Share. Such a division of the program’s interface is very convenient for those who work with it because it allows them to switch between tabs quickly and easily; for example, you can capture or import videos in one tab and then immediately go to another one to edit them.

The Capture tab is used for capturing videos or importing them from camcorders, memory cards, mobile devices, and so on; for capturing the computer screen, etc.

The Edit tab is a main workspace part of the program. It allows you to edit videos, for example, apply various effects, add music, titles, and so on.

The Share tab is used to save and share your video projects; you have the possibility to save videos in various formats, upload them online, and so on.

Capture Tab

Edit Tab

Share 1

The Main Features of the Program- Corel VideoStudio X9 is a great utility for working with video projects. With the help of the program you can easily capture videos from different devices (for example, camcorders, mobile devices, and so on), effectively edit them with the help of the advanced video editor and, finally, save and share them. In addition, Corel VideoStudio X9 also provides you with some advanced tools such as multi-camera editing, track motion feature, fastclick feature and painting creator. The most advanced video technologies of Corel VideoStudio X9 allow you to create amazing videos and slideshows professionally.

Capture- in this tab you will find capturing tools which allows you to perform a lot of actions; for example, you can capture videos from external devices connected to the computer, scan DV tape and capture it, create stop motion animation and capture your computer screen.

For capturing videos from external devices, for example, camcorders, Corel VideoStudio X9 provides you with plenty of settings; i.e. you can select the desired video resolution, duration, video format, and so on.

For scanning and capturing DV devices, you just need to apply some scan and capture settings, for example, capture format (i.e. DV AVI, and so on), speed, etc. After capturing DV tape, you can edit it using a special video editor.

Stop Motion capture tool allows you to capture images from DV or HDV camcorders, webcams, and so on, and then import them into the program to create motion animations for your video projects. There are a lot of options at your disposal, for example, you can specify the desired image duration, capture resolution, and so on.

In addition, Corel VideoStudio X9 includes a special tool for capturing your computer screen; so there is no need for you to install and use any other third-party software applications. The program provides you with all necessary tools for capturing your screen and after that editing the captured video with the help of the inbuilt video editor.

Corel VideoStudio X9 provides you with a lot of advanced settings for capturing your computer screen. You can specify the desired capture dimension (for example, full screen, custom, applications, and so on), video format, frame rate, and so on.

Capture Video

DV quick scan


Stop motion capture

Screen capture

Share- of course, after capturing and editing videos, you can easily share them among your friends and show them your video masterpieces. Fortunately, Corel VideoStudio X9 provides you with three different ways for sharing your created video projects, i.e. Computer, Device and Web; in other words, you can save and share your projects as video files for playing on the computer or mobile devices or upload them to social media or video-sharing websites. The program offers several video formats foe saving created videos (for example, AVI, MPEG-4, WMV, MOV, and so on). In addition, you have the possibility to save your project as audio (for example, WAV, WMA, and so on), and even customize your saving preferences and select the most appropriate format and settings.

You can also save created projects for playing on portable devices or video cameras, such as smartphones, DV camcorders, tablets, game consoles, and so on.

And, finally, if you want to share your projects immediately after saving them, you can take full advantage of this feature of the program and upload your video files to YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Vimeo.

In addition, it should be noted that Corel VideoStudio X9 allows you to create HTML 5 files from your video projects for playing on all modern web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and so on; create 3D video files and burn your projects to DVD, AVCHDS and Blu-Ray disks and edit them by adding and editing chapters, creating advanced menus and disk labels, and so on.

Share 2

Share 3

Edit- reliable and thorough editing is the most interesting feature of the program. Thanks to a wide range of advanced video editing tools, you can perform a lot of actions with your captured projects on the one hand and simply edit your videos made by your camcorders, and so on.

With the help of Corel VideoStudio X9, you can add to your video projects different amazing transitions (the program includes a lot of transition effects which are divided into several categories, for example, 3D, Rotate, Slide, Stretch, and so on), titles (plenty of editing options are at your disposal, for example, you have the possibility to specify the desired title duration, font, letter style, size, placement, and so on), graphics (for example, background, frame, etc.), audio files and video filters. All operations with video files are performed with the help of the timeline editor which helps you to manage and control every step of video editing.

Corel VideoStudio X9 also offers some advanced video editing tools, for example, Multi-Camera editor (it allows you to edit at the same time up to 6 cameras), Track Motion (it is an advanced tool which allows you to track the motion of the specified point in the video file), Fast Click (very useful tool which is really of use if you want to create your own movie easily and quickly; it allows you to create amazing video clips in a few clicks of the mouse and after that upload them online) and Painting Creator (it is an advanced tool which allows you to record painting, save it and add to your video projects).

Color Patterns

Fast Click

Multi-Camera Editor

Painting Creator



Transition 1

What is new in Corel VideoStudio X9?

New Multi-Camera Editor

New add/delete tracks

Enhanced audio ducking

New multi-point motion tracking

Consistent volume level with normalize audio

FastClick template designer.

And some others. The full list of new features and improvements can be found on the official Corel Website.

System Requirements

Windows 7- Windows 10

At least Core Duo 1.8 GHz processor

At least 2 GB of Ram


Minimum 6 GB of free hard disk space.

Import Video Formats- AVCHD, DV, HDV, AVI, MPEG-1/-2/-4, DVR-MS, DivX, SWF, UIS, UISX, M2T, M2TS, TOD, MOD, M4V, WebM, 3GP, WMV, Non-encrypted DVD titles, MOV, MKV, XAVC, MXF, HEVC.

Export Video Formats- AVCHD, DV, HDV, AVI, MPEG-1/-2/-4, UIS, UISX, M2T, WebM, 3GP, HEVC, WMV.

Import audio Formats- AC3, MP3, MPA, MOV, WAV, WMA, MP4, M4A, Aiff, AU, CDA, AMR, AAC, OGG.

Export Audio Formats- AC3, M4A, OGG, WAV, WMA.


Devices- Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad/TV, Sony PSP/PS3/PS4, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox.


Corel VideoStudio X9 offers the best opportunities for creative video editing for both video amateurs and professionals easily and effortlessly. Thanks to a lot of inbuilt templates, amazing effects, transitions and other high quality tools and options, you can create unforgettable videos and share them among friends.

Corel VideoStudio X9 contains all necessary tools to create video project; you have the possibility to capture videos, effectively edit them with the help of inbuilt video editor by applying advanced effects and settings and save and share created videos.

Shortly saying, in Corel VideoStudio X9 everyone will find everything for reliable and effective working with videos. The program is now even better than before thanks to a lot of new features and improvements. Everything is at your disposal in the program for creating and telling your amazing video adventures.

Advanced video features which the program gives you for editing and creating video projects are really extraordinary. Corel VideoStudio X9 will be really a good choice for those users who want to create, edit and share your video skills.


1. Extremely user-friendly interface
2. Wide range of supported video formats and devices
3. Video capture feature which allows you to capture from external devices, etc.
4. Plenty of video options for editing video projects
5. Different ways for saving and sharing videos.


Some restrictions in the trial version.

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