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Cortana arrives in India, Australia, Japan and Canada, for Windows 10 Build 10532

Cortana arrives in India, Australia, Japan and Canada, for Windows 10 Build 10532

by AshwinSeptember 2, 2015

Microsoft has announced some good news for members of the Windows Insider Program.


Well, that only applies if you are living in India, Australia, Japan and Canada.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, as I previously reported in July, that Cortana would arrive for the above mentioned Countries soon. Microsoft had not given an ETA for the same, until today.

Users in Australia and Canada will now be able to use the Redmond company’s personal digital assistant, in English. Japanese users will also be able to use Cortana in their native language. Additionally, India gets support for Cortana in English, but it is in a very early stage. Microsoft has also announced that which Cortana for India, will be updated soon, this month to include an improved voice.

It is worth noting that Microsoft has tweaked Cortana, to be so intelligent, that she can greet Asian users in their native languages. Whats more, Cortana will even make jokes which are appropriate to the region (popular topics/sports etc). It was only recently revealed by Microsoft, that Cortana has actually told 500,000 jokes, that’s right a whopping half a million jokes, and this fact is no joke. Cortana is also available for Android devices in beta form, in the U.S.

It is a bit disappointing that Microsoft has not announced the release date for the stable release of Cortana with support for India, Australia, Japan and Canada. But since it is available for Windows Insiders, it may not be long until the general release is announced, possibly within the next few months. I have personally tried using Cortana with English (U.S), and the app works flawlessly with my accent, and so my hopes for Cortana (English India), is really high.

Oh, and French users in Canada, will have to wait for support for their language, in Cortana. And the same applies to users in Brazil and Mexico too. All these Countries will get Cortana in their official languages, with support arriving first to the members of the Windows Insiders program.

On a side note, what caught my attention at the announcement page, were the words, ” Windows 10 Insider Preview builds 10532+”. It was in fact the “+”, that intrigued me, as I assumed that a new build would be released today. But my hopes were soon dashed to the ground, as Microsoft’s Gabe Aul, announced on Twitter that no new builds for PC will be released today.