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Cortana will be available in Japan, Australia, Canada and India in the next few months

Cortana will be available in Japan, Australia, Canada and India in the next few months

by AshwinJuly 21, 2015

As we inch closer to the launch day of Windows 10, more and more news about the upcoming operating system are being announced by Microsoft.



And today, the Redmond company revealed that its digital personal assistant, Cortana will be available in Japan, Australia, Canada and India in the next few months.

Canada and India being multi-lingual countries, will initially get support for Cortana in English. The announcement was made by Marcus Ash, the Group Program Manager for Cortana.

Cortana was originally launched as an app for Windows Phone, to help users with their daily tasks, and searches. But the app was brought to Windows 10 Insider Preview. With the app’s availability on PCs, Cortana will now be available for all Windows devices (phones, tablets, computers).

Markus Ash reiterated that Cortana would be launching on July 29th, for Windows 10 in seven countries. These include the U.S., UK, China, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. After making her debut in the four countries mentioned earlier, Cortana will be available for Windows Insiders, in two more Countries, Brazil and Mexico, and also in French in Canada.

Cortana gains cultural features:

Cortana has evolved for each market, says Ash. The app is being polished to reflect the language, idioms and speech patterns of the country where the user is from. Microsoft has also taken it a step further and has prioritized Cortana with functionality depending on the region, to provide the information to the user.

For instance, users from China will find that Cortana can search for and provide data about the air quality.Cortana also gains some great cultural features as well. Cortana will bow in Japan, loves hockey in Canada, has a dry wit in the U.K, happens to be proud of national identity in Italy, and celebrates India’s Cricketing hero, Sachin Tendulkar.

That’s not all, Cortana has also been updated to tell jokes stories, and answer common questions based on the region you are from.

And last but not least, Cortana is today’s star in the second video of Microsoft’s promotional campaign – 10 Reasons to upgrade (to Windows 10, obviously)

The video focuses on Cortana’s features such as searching for files, getting weather updates, set reminders in the Calendar, set location based reminders, and more, before ending the video by highlighting the fact that Windows 10 is a free upgrade for Windows 7 , 8 and 8.1 users.

Yesterday’s video which kickstarted the campaign, featured the Start Menu in Windows 10. We can expect Microsoft to feature U/niversal Apps, Microsoft Edge and more in the coming days.