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Crumble is a new Chrome extension from AVG, which disables cookie tracking

Crumble is a new Chrome extension from AVG, which disables cookie tracking

by AshwinApril 25, 2015

Antivirus maker and security firm, AVG, has announced a new security addon for Google Chrome.


The extension is called Crumble, and helps in preventing tracking cookies.

One of the ways that a user’s activity is tracked is by using a browser cookie. It stores information about page visits, and other browsing data.

Normally cookies are used for tracking visitors to a website, and displaying advertisements. But the internet is far from a safe place today. It is full of hackers, spies and malicious content.

In addition to using a good antivirus, and firewall, you should also make it a regular practice to delete your browsing history, and cookies. But what about more security when you are browsing?

Crumble, from AVG’s Innovation Labs and has the tag line “Surf Without Surveillance”, and aims to protect you from being tracked.

BetaNews says and we agree, that Crumble isn’t the first addon to prevent trackers.There are several similar ones including Ghostery, NoScript, and even AdBlock Plus to some extent.

Crumble however works in a different way. It protects the user by preventing trackers from Prevents online tracking companies from creating a profile for you.

Crumble reportedly prevents trackers by intercepting third party cookies and protects your information. But it is neither a traditional ad-blocker, nor does not it block cookies and break the content or webpage you visit. Crumble doesn’t have a blacklist feature, instead it uses its own up-to-date algorithm to identify cookies and prevents you from being tracked offering a seamless browsing experience.


You can install the Crumble extension from the Chrome Web Store. It will add a button on your browser’s toolbar, which you can click upon to view the trackers on the website you are on.

It works completely on its own, in that, it doesn’t have any user changeable settings nor does it require any input from the user whatsoever. You can however disable “Block Tracking” by clicking on the extension’s icon and unchecking the option.

Crumble displays a modal (a small window) on the bottom right of your Chrome tab. This modal displays the domains (trackers) which have been blocked, along with the ones which have been allowed.


I tested Crumble by visiting, and it Crumbled an unbelievable 17 tracking cookies, when I was not even signed in to my Google account.

There is no word yet if a Firefox version of the extension will be available. Head over to the FAQ page at AVG, to read more about Crumble.

The Crumble Extension is in beta phase, you can contact AVG and provide valuable feedback to improve the addon, by suggesting more features, as well as reporting bugs.