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CyberGhost 6 VPN Review

CyberGhost 6 VPN Review

by July 20, 2016

CyberGhost 6 VPN Review

Because of the growing number of online threats, special VPN (i.e. Virtual Private Network) applications are becoming more and more popular among Internet users. And I think it is no wonder because with the help of these applications you can ensure the total anonymity while browsing the web and bypass a lot of restrictions imposed by providers. So, it goes without saying that the best way to stay anonymous and safe online is to use Virtual Private Network service providers. One of the best services which are now available on the software market is CyberGhost 6.0 VPN.

CyberGhost 6.0 VPN is your personal VPN client for Windows (and also for Android and iOS devices) which provides you with anonymity and security on the Internet. The main advantage of this VPN client is that it uses the most secure servers between your computer and providers for encrypting your traffic and substituting your real IP-address. The application allows you to browse the Internet in the usual and common way but at the same time it hides your real IP-address. Each time you enter the Internet you get a unique IP-address, nobody will be able to keep track of your online activity, for example, purchases, transactions, and so on. In addition, CyberGhost 6.0 VPN is a reliable way to protect your computer against malware and other online threats. This new version has hot a lot improvements and new features which allow you to browse the Internet more safely and securely.

Download and Installation- you can download this fully improved version of CyberGhost 6.0 VPN on the official website. The programs installer is very tiny; just about 15 MB in size. Currently the program is available in eight different languages including English, German, French, Italian, and so on.

CyberGhost 6.0 VPN is offered in three different subscription plans- Free, Premium and Premium Plus. All plans include unlimited traffic and bandwith, AES 256-bit encryption and antifingerprinting system, but, of course, Premium and Premium Plus ones are more functional. The Free version can be used only on one PC (also on Mac and Android) and the number of VPN servers is very limited. The Premium is 5 times faster as compared with the Free one and it provides access to more 30 countries and 600 servers. The Premium Plus version is the most functional of all. You can use it at the same time up to five devices. The program allows you to enjoy all premium features for three days after the installation; after that period, you can choose one of offered plans or stay with the Free version which is, by the way, more than enough for home users.

The installation procedure is very fast and easy. You need to perform some standard installation steps; i.e. first of all, you have to read and accept the terms of the license agreement and install the special network adapter provided by the program which is needed for reliable functionality of the program. After performing these two easy steps, CyberGhost 6.0 VPN is ready for use.

Installation 1

installation 2

Installation 4

The Interface of the Program- truly saying I like the new interface of the program. The developers completely redesigned it and made it more functional, convenient and easy to use. Now the program has got a so called tile interface, i.e. all program tools and features are placed into several tiles and they can opened and accessed through them. CyberGhost 6.0 VPN consists of six different tiles; they are as follows- Surf Anonymously (this tile allows you to choose manually or automatically any of offered VPN servers and browse the Internet without unveiling your real IP address); Unblock Streaming (this tile provides unlimited access to region-restricted services such as Netflix, and so on, and unblock them); Protect My Internet Connection (this tile offers some extra features for protecting your network, for example, data compression, extra speed, and so on); Torrent Anonymously (this tile allows you to configure torrent download and get file from torrent servers anonymously); Unblock Basic Websites (with the help of this tile you can access and unblock some popular region-restricted websites) and Choose My VPN server (in this tile you can find several options for configuring and saving VPN server preferences).

Interface 1

The Main Features of the Program- CyberGhost 6.0 VPN is one of the best VPN providers on the software which is packed with a lot of useful services. The program offers six different services in one packet. With the help of the program you can surf the Internet anonymously without revealing your real IP address by substituting it with another one to ensure your total anonymity on the web, unblock plenty of streaming websites which have got region restrictions, download files from torrents anonymously. In addition, you have the possibility to configure your Internet and WI-FI connection and protect them from hackers on the one hand and manually specify the desired VPN servers and their configurations.

Surf Anonymously- if you want to be totally unknown and anonymous on the Internet, you can take full advantage of this program’s feature. With the help of this service you can connect the Internet and surf it safely and anonymously. There are some launch options (for example, you can launch your default browser in incognito mode, and so on) and Country options at your disposal. The program provides access to more 600 servers from 30 countries, for example, Austria, Germany, Japan, United States, and so on. Of course, the number of servers and countries are limited in the Free version but Premium and Premium ones offers a full range of servers and countries.

For connecting to any of offered by the program servers, you need to choose launch options and country options (you have the possibility to select automatic mode or manually specify any country servers. The search time for servers is not very long. After a moment, the program will provide you with the fullest info about VPN server, i.e. country, server location and a new IP address.

The main advantage of the program is that you can not only anonymously browse the Internet but also browse it safely and securely. For ensuring maximum protection while browsing the web, CyberGhost 6.0 VPN offers some extra and very useful features. There are six additional features at your disposal which allow you to block malicious websites, ads and online tracking, compress data transferred from the Internet, automatically redirect HTTPS and enable extra speed. All these features are available in the Premium versions of the program.

Surf Anonymously 1

Surf Anonymously 2


Surf Anonymously 3

Unblock Streaming- unfortunately, there are a lot of streaming websites which have got region restrictions and you cannot access them. But now thanks to this feature of the program you can easily bypass these restrictions and open and use these websites. CyberGhost 6.0 VPN allows you to unblock a lot of region restricted websites, for example, BBC, ABC, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so on. You can also manually enter any desired region restricted website by entering its URL.

Unblock Streaming 1

Unblock Streaming 2

Torrent Anonymously- torrent trackers are very popular nowadays because with the help of them you can easily and quickly download very large files. This service allows you to enter and download files from torrents anonymously. You have the possibility to launch default browser in incognito mode for accessing torrents websites or use any of installed torrent applications installed on your system. In addition, you can use three additional security features, i.e. you can block malicious websites and online tracking and significantly increase download speed.

Torrent Anonymously1

Protect My Internet Protection- it goes without saying that it is very important to be safe online. With the help of this service offered by the program, you can configure and activate some additional protection features. Here you can activate or disable the following features- malicious websites, ads and online tracking blocking, data compression, automated HTTPS redirect and extra speed. Thanks to these features you can significantly increase security and protection while browsing the Internet.

Protect My Internet protection

Choose my VPN Server- here you can specify and configure your default VPN server, i.e. you have the possibility to choose any server from any country and save it for further use without configuring again. In addition, you can also configure default protection settings, for example, malicious website blocking, and so on.

Custom Connection 1

Custom Connection 2

Settings- CyberGhost 6.0 VPN allows you to configure some settings and choose the appropriate and desired features. For example, the program allows you to configure General Settings (for example, you can automatically run the program at system start up and specify one of startup profiles, i.e. unblock basic websites, and so on; select the preferred interface language, etc.), Exceptions (i.e. you have the possibility add some hosts and IP to the exception list and exclude them), Proxy (i.e. you can configure proxy Internet parameters), Connection (here you can apply some connection parameters, for example, TCP or UDP connections, and so on) and App Protection (i.e. you can protect any apps which have got access to the Internet by adding them to the program’s protection list; all you need to do is to specify the path to the executable file).

Settings 1

Settings- App Protection

Settings- Exceptions

What is new in CyberGhost 6.0 VPN?

  1. Fully redesigned new user interface
  2. Surf anonymously
  3. Unblock streaming
  4. Network and WI-FI protection
  5. Torrent anonymously
  6. Unblock basic websites
  7. Choose my VPN server.

In addition, it should be noted that the program offers a lot of improvements, too.

System Requirements

Windows 7- Windows 10

Microsoft. NET 3.5 SP1

1 GHz PC processor

2 GB of RAM

200 MB of free hard disk space

Internet connection.


The new version of CyberGhost 6.0 VPN is really a very unique and reliable application; now it is possible to browse the Internet anonymously thanks to a lot of improvements and new features. The new completely redesigned interface is now more convenient to use and navigate. But, of course, fully anonymous surfing is not the only advantage of the program. Now it includes a wide range of different new features which make your Internet browsing safer and more secure. With the help of the program you can protect your network and WI-FI, effectively bypass region restricted websites, and so on.


1. Completely new user interface which is easier to use
2. A lot of new features- unblock streaming, and so on



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