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Daemon Tools Pro 6 Advanced Review

Daemon Tools Pro 6 Advanced Review

by January 29, 2015

Daemon Tools Pro 6 Advanced Review

CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs are very popular storage media nowadays. They may keep a wide variety of data- photo, music, software, etc. However, working with them is not always convenient and there are several reasons why. You have to insert the CD or DVD discs into the disc drive each time when you need them; they are much slower than the hard drives; and unfortunately they wear out very fast. Of course, you can avoid these problems by copying CD or DVD contents to the hard drive, but it is not suitable for every disc. For example, game, audio, etc. discs are copy protected and you are not able to copy and transfer the contents to your internal hard drive. In such cases you have to find another way, i.e. to create a virtual CD or DVD drive and run the images from there. And for that you need special emulation software for creating and running virtual drives. Daemon Tools Pro Advanced (short for Disk And Execution MONitor Tools) is a well-known and extremely popular program. It is a virtual drive emulator, i.e. a program with which you can mount a virtual DVD and run it.

There are five different versions of Daemon Tools- Lite, Standard, Ultra, Advanced and Net. The Lite version is intended for non-commercial use only and it is completely free. It allows you to create ISO and MDS images from discs (CD, DVD and Blu-Ray) and it can emulate up to four virtual drives; Standard is a paid version. It costs $ 34.99. You can emulate all types of discs and the number of supported virtual drives is increased to sixteen. Net version allows you to work with images over the network (it is pretty expensive; priced at $ 249.99). Ultra version is practically the same as the Advanced. It costs $ 44.99. The full product comparison list can be found on the official site. All the licenses have lifetime validity.

The program can be downloaded from the official site. It is just about 17 MB. The system requirements of the program are as follows: 1. Windows XP-Windows 8/8.1; 2.The processor with minimum 500 MHZ; 3. 256 MB of RAM; 4. 30 MB of free hard disk space for the program installation.

The main interface of the program is well arranged and extremely easy to use. It consists of five main menu buttons- File, View, Tools, Actions and Help and Toolbar menu on which is placed the main tools of the program, i.e. edit image, convert image, etc. On the left side there is an information panel where you can view the image catalog, recently used images or physical and virtual optical drives. On the right side there is a “Media Info” panel where you can find a variety of information about recently developed games and the links to Daemon Tools “Gamespace” site. The program allows you to add or remove some menu and toolbar elements.

Daemon Tools Pro Advanced supports a wide variety of image file formats. They are as follows: MDX (i.e. Media Data Extended; the default format of the program. It is a relatively new format. It is a successor of the MDF format. The main advantage of this format is that it does not divide the image into two files MDS and MDF during the image creation but only one which contains all information for data, tracks, etc. Additionally, this format is capable of compressing a data image better); MDS (Media Descriptor File, it is commonly used for games and the creation of exact copies of the original disc), MDF (Media Disc Image File, it directly stores the disc image of the original disc); ISO (the standard and well known disc image format); CUE (Cue Sheet File, it is used for copying music tracks from CDs); CCD (Clone CD Disc Image, it is used for making copies of music and data CDs); APE (Monkey’s Audio Lossless File); FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec); ISZ (ISO Zipped, the image format of the program UltraIso); CDI (Disc Juggler CD Image), BST (Blind Write image file developed by VSO software); B6T (Blind Write 6 image information file); BWT (Blind Write 4 disc image file); NRG (i.e. the image file created by the program Nero); VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk, i.e. the image file developed by the American company VMvare and used in their software product VMvare Workstation); VHD (Virtual Hard Disk), TC (True Crypt Image) and Zip (archived file).

main Interface

The main features of Daemon Tools Pro Advanced:

Edit image– Creating a New Image– the program can make new image files. It is very easy. Just click on the “New Image” button, select a target device (image or the DVD drive attached to your system), file system (Daemon Tools supports three file system formats- UDF, i.e. Universal Disk Format, ISO 9660 + Joliet and Audio CD), Disc types (the program supports all known disc types- CD- 700 MB, DVD- 4.448 MB, DVD DL- Dual Layer- 8.140 MB, Blu-Ray- 50 MB, etc.), add files and folders and finally save it by clicking on “Save Image” button. Daemon Tools Pro advanced offers a wide range of advanced image editing capabilities. You can view the contents of the image (as icons, details or a list), extract files from the image or add files to it, delete or rename, etc. Additionally you can select the following options- select output image format (MDX, MDS / MDF or standard ISO), compress image data, protect the image with a strong password, select the disc type (CD, DVD or Blu-Ray) and split the image file into several parts by specifying the desired size.

Edit image 1


Edit Image 2


Convert Image– The application also allows you to convert images into a suitable format, so there is no need for you to search for and install any additional conversion software. Daemon Tools can convert any image file to one of three output formats- Standard ISO, MDS and MDX. Additionally you can specify some output parameters, namely, protect the image with a password, add it to the existing image catalog after conversion, compress image data or split it into several parts.

Convert Image 1


Convert Image 2

Make Disc Image– Create as many disc images as you want. Daemon Tools Pro will make this process easy and comfortable. Just click on the “Make Disc Image” button, select a physical or virtual drive, choose reading speed and output format (MDX image, MDS / MDF image, standard ISO or APE Audio image). The program can make disc images from unprotected and protected discs such as SafeDisc, StarForce, Protect CD, SecuROM, etc.

Make Disk Image 1


Make Disk Image 2

Burn Image– After creating or editing the image you can burn it to a disc. Just specify write speed and write mode (Disc at once- the entire disc will be recorded in one session from beginning to end without interruption and Track at once- each track will be recorded separately). Additionally you have an option to finalize the disc or burn RMPS data (short for Removable Media Physical Signature). The program can also create password protected discs; simply enter the desired password and lock the disc.

Burn Image

Erase Disc– With the help of Daemon Tools Pro you can erase rewritable discs; just specify Erasing type (quick erase or full erase) and the erasing speed.

erase Disk

Create VHD– (Virtual Hard Disk), i.e. file format that may contain complete information similar to the physical hard drive. It is mainly used to store operating systems, programs, etc. Daemon Tools Pro allows you to create such types of disks. You just specify the size (in MB or GB), VHD sizing type (dynamically expanding or fixed size) and the file system (FAT 32 or NTFS).

Create VHD

Create True Crypt Image– i.e. you can create an encrypted virtual drive and store confidential information there. Daemon Tools will help you to make such a disc easily- simply specify the size of the disc (for example one GB), select a strong password and set up a few image parameters (1. Encryption Algorithms-  a)AES 256- Advanced Encryption Standard, also known as Rijndael; b) Serpent- a symmetric key block cipher; c) Twofish; d) AES 256 Twofish; e) AES 256 Twofish-Serpent, etc. and 2. Hash Algorithms- a) RIMEMD- short for Race Integrity Primitives Evaluation Message digest, with 160 bit cryptographic hash function; b) Whirlpool- with value of 512 bits; c) SHA-512- with hash value of 512 bits), choose file system- FAT 32 or NTFS. That is all. The program will do the rest.

Create true Crypt

Add Images– With the help of Daemon Tools Pro Advanced you can add four different types of virtual devices- DT and SCSI (up to 32 devices), HDD and IDE (up to 4 devices).





1. Creation of VHD and TrueCrypt images
2. Up to 32 virtual drives support
3. Advanced editing features
4. Image conversion from all formats to ISO, MDX and MDF
And many others



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Daemon Tools Pro advanced is the best choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive and easy to use utility to create disc images, copy and run them. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and advanced features Daemon Tools offers a lot of functions in an easy to use, comfortable, environment for working with image files.

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