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Discovery News app for Windows PCs, tablets and phones released at the Windows Store

Discovery News app for Windows PCs, tablets and phones released at the Windows Store

by AshwinMay 22, 2015

Microsoft has announced that the popular educational service, the Discovery Channel, has released a new app for Windows devices.


The app is called Discovery News, and we downloaded it to see how it works. The UI is simplistic, and easy to navigate, and is split into different sections. We explain them below.

Discovery News app for Windows PCs, tablets and phones:

News Articles and Videos:

The app will deliver new stories and video content everyday, and will include several categories to choose from. You can read and watch about the Earth, Space, Tech, Animals, History, Human and Adventure.

Latest stories are displayed in the main screen of the app. Clicking on a headline of a news article will display the full story, along with a featured image. The app also displays links to related stories, below the original article.


Users can scroll through the app using the mouse wheel to navigate to the other sections of the app,


Users will also be able to watch episodes of DNews, and also news reports from many top journalists like Anthony Carboni, Laci Green and Trace Dominguez. The app isn’t limited to text and video news, it also features photos. Users will be able to view a huge catalog of pictures.



If you are an avid fan of facts, you will be happy to know that the discovery News App has a feature called Discovernator. The feature provides an unlimited number of facts which you can read.


Share screenshots:

You can click on the hamburger menu on the top left, to access some settings. The only one which works for now is the Share option, selecting which will allow you to share a screenshot of the Discovery News app, via some eligible apps.




Exclusive features for Windows Phone:

Discovery News for Windows Phone has two exclusive features. A Live tile with featured stories, and the ability to Pin Discovery News categories to your home screen.

I pinned it to Start on my PC, and can confirm that the app does not have a Live Tile on the PC.

Update: The Live tile does work on the PC.

Discovery News is a universal app, and will run on all Windows devices: PCs, Tablets, and Phones. Download Discovery News for Windows Phone and Windows PCs from the Windows Store.

The PC version of the app is listed as a 61 MB download, but it was actually about 185 MB, when I downloaded it on my Windows 10 laptop, while the Phone version is listed to be about 23MB in size.