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Disk Drill Review

Disk Drill Review

by January 3, 2016

Disk Drill Review

It is needless to say that nobody likes to lose valuable data stored on the computer that is possibly very important for him. Of course, it is very hard to restore deleted files, but, fortunately, Windows users can easily do that because only they have got at their disposal a lot of advanced software applications with the help of which it is possible to recover accidentally deleted files or files lost after the disk format or system crash. Recently to the huge number of these Windows recovery applications has been added one more handy and useful program called Disk Drill- a famous program for Mac OS X users. Now not only they can enjoy its unique features, but also all Windows users.

It is very important that Disk Drill unlike other similar applications offers reliable recovery of any file types from any storage media and from all file systems totally free; i.e. in other words, you can get back everything that is valuable and essential for you from photos to archive files. Thanks to advanced recovery algorithms and several restore methods offered by the program; the possibility to recover deleted or lost files is very high.

Disk Drill is available absolutely free for Windows users and can be easily downloaded from the official Clevewrfiles website without paying a penny. The installation MSI file is not big, just 15 MB in size.

The installation procedure of the program is not difficult; everything is very clear and all steps from beginning to end are performed with the help of the step by step Setup Wizard. All you need is to follow its instructions. After opening the installer, you will be greeted with a recovery man who wears advanced green glasses (it should be noted that these glasses are magical; with them you will be able to search for everything on the hard drive, more than that, on any storage media, and then recover everything on them) and he will guide you through all necessary steps needed for correct installation of Disk Drill. After that you have to choose the installation folder and users who will be allowed to use this software. That is all; after clicking on the “Next” button, the program will extract all necessary components into the specified folder and ready for performing any action related to the file recovery.

Installation 1

Installation 3

Installation 5

The main interface of the program is very intuitive and easy to use. You will not see a lot of drop-down menus and buttons after opening the program; Disk Driller simply displays your computer hard drives or partitions and all external storage devices connected to your PC and provides you with info about their capacity and used and free apace on them. Next to each drive there are two drop-down menu buttons- Recover and Extras. Of these two buttons, the former contains several options for running different recovery methods, for example, Quick Scan and Deep Scan and performing some additional actions, i.e. undelete protected data and some others while the second button provides you with two options, namely, for backing up drives or external media into DMG (i.e. Mac OS X disk image file) image or detaching an image for restoring data from it). If the Recovery Vault feature is enabled, the Protect button will be also visible between Recovery and Extras buttons.

Main Interface

The Main Features of the program- Disk Drill offers unique features for restoring deleted or lost files. It is able to recover lost data from both internal and external drives and from any other device connected to PC, for example, USB flash drives, memory cards, and so on. The program allows you to easily restore info regardless of the file system and the type of deleted files.

Supported File Systems- thanks to unique restoring algorithms and different scan methods used by Disk Drill, it allows you to recover data from any currently known file systems. The program supports all major file systems used by modern operating systems such as Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. The following file systems are at your disposal- HFS, HFS+, FAT, FAT 32, exFAT, NTFS, EXT 3, EXT 4.

Supported Storage Media- It does not matter where your lost files are. The program supports nearly all internal and external storage media. With the help of Disk Drill you can easily recover deleted files from internal and external hard drives, lost or corrupted partitions, and any other removable devices, for example, MP3 players (i.e. iPod, Sony Walkman, and so on), cameras, camcorders, e-readers, memory cards, SD cards, USB flash drives, and a lot of others.

Supported File Types- You have deleted or lost important wedding photos from your camera? You have deleted favorite videos from your camcorder? You have lost all your necessary books from your e-reader? Do not worry! Disk Drill supports nearly all file types and you have the possibility to find and restore any files using the program. It currently supports over 80 different file types:

Video File Types- AVI, FLV, MP4, MKV, MOV, MPG, SWF, WMV, and so on.

Audio File Types- AIF, FLAC, MID, MP3, OGG, SIB, WAV, and so on.

Photo and Graphic file types- Disk Drill supports photo, graphic and raw file formats, for example, BMP, CR2, DNG, AI, PSD, PNG, JPG, TIFF, ICO, and a lot of others.

Document File Types- all major and well-known document formats are supported by the program, for example, RTF, PDF, PPT, PPTX, DOC, DOCX, CHM, HTML, XML, and so on.

Archive File Formats- 7Z, ARJ, ISO, RAR, and some others.

Data Recovery- you have accidentally deleted important documents, photos, audios and videos, or formatted your hard drive partition and USB stick? Do not fall into despair! Just try Disk Drill and get back all your lost files in several easy steps in minutes.

In the first step you have to select a drive (or any other removable media devices) to scan and after that choose one of two scan modes offered by the program- Quick Scan or Deep Scan.

After the scan, Disk Drill will display all found deleted files and group them into six categories- All files, Pictures, Video, Documents, Audio and Archives. Thorough and full details about each folder and file will be provided by the program, i.e. the total number of found items, modification date, size and kind. If you know the exact details about deleted files, you have the possibility to filter the results by name, size (for example, 2 MB, 46 MB, etc.) and date (files deleted, for example, 2 days ago, or even 2 years ago). It should be noted that all found files can be viewed with the help of the small preview window before restoring them.

In the last step all you need to do is to select the desired folder for storing found files and simply click “Recover”.

In addition, you have the possibility to save a session as a ddwscan format and load it later to perform different modifications on the one hand and view results as a log file and save it as a text file on the other hand.

Scan Methods- Disk Drill offers three powerful scan methods for guaranteed recovery of deleted or lost files- Quick Scan, Deep Scan and Universal partition search. You have the possibility to run all recovery methods at the same time or separately. Each method has got advantages and disadvantages.

Quick scan is of use when you want to restore accidentally deleted files. It is very fast, but its effectiveness is very low if you want to recover files from formatted disk or files deleted, for example, one month ago.

Deep scan offers thorough and advanced ways to recover files as compared with Quick method. Thanks to leading and modern scanning algorithms, this scan method allows you to restore any file type on any file system, even drives without a file system. The main disadvantage of this method is that the san time is very long and sometimes takes hours to complete.

Universal Partition Search- this method is very effective for recovering deleted or lost FAT and NTFS partitions and it allows you to effectively restore files from them even if they are corrupted or damaged.

Quick Scan 1

Deep Scan

Recovery Vault- as a rule, we store our valuable things safely, for example, in the fireproof safe to prevent their loss. This unique feature of Disk Drill works in the similar way and protects our valuable and important files against unrecoverable loss. Thanks to a unique data protection algorithm developed by CleverFiles specialists, it allows you to recover all deleted files in seconds. After activating this feature, the program will monitor deleted files and store records about each performed action in its database; so you will be able to get all your lost files back with just one click of the mouse. All you need is to choose folders to protect and files to exclude from protection.

Recovery Vault 1

Recovery Vault 2

Recovery Vault 3

Additional Extra Features- among other features offered by the program, it should be noted the following:

Disk Drill allows you to back up a disk or any partition and save it as DMG image file on the one hand and attach disk image files for recovery from them on the other hand. Currently the program supports the following image formats- DMG, RAW, DD, IMG and ISO.

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

20 MB of free hard disk space.


Disk Drill is a very popular program among Mac OS X users and now Windows users can also take full advantage of its great features. Disk Drill is an advanced program for restoring data from any storage device including hard drives, flash drives, MP3 players, memory cards, and so on. Everything can be restored by the program that can be restored because it supports all file types, i.e. documents, video, audio, pictures, etc.

The interface of the program is very intuitive and easy to use. All you need is to select a drive to scan, scan method to use and wait for the end of the scanning process. Thanks to three powerful scan methods, you can restore not only accidentally deleted files, but also files from formatted and damaged partitions.

Besides the basic functions of data recovery, Disk Drill also offers a unique protection technology- Recovery Vault. Thanks to it, you can greatly increase the chances of data recovery because it keeps records about deleted files and stores in a special vault.

Disk Drill is a great application and I am sure it will be of use for every Windows user.


1. Extremely intuitive interface.
2. It is completely free.
3. Three powerful scanning methods.
4. Unique Recovery Vault feature.



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