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DisplayFusion Coupon Code 2020

DisplayFusion Coupon Code 2020

by FileCriticApril 21, 2020

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Don’t you just hate the stock multitasking capabilities in Windows 10? Not only are they abysmal in terms of functionality, but they are also downright unintuitive. But thankfully, you can do something about it. There’s this phenomenal utility called DisplayFusion that totally does away with the default multi-monitor controls. In place, you get a host of supremely useful features that will boost your productivity ten-fold. How about moving windows between monitors with just a single click of a mouse button? Or creating ‘virtual’ monitors where you can do pretty much anything similar to an actual monitor? Or the ability to control your entire multi-monitor set up right from your smartphone? If that sounded interesting, then let’s take a deep dive and check out what exactly DisplayFusion has to offer.

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Intuitive Control Panel

DisplayFusion comes with tons of multi-monitor controls that you can use to manage your multi-monitor setup without breaking a sweat. But unlike other programs where you often have to wade through menu after menu of options just to get to where you want, DisplayFusion instead sports an intuitive control panel with ready access to all options. It lists all prominent features present within the app in the form of side-tabs — just click on one, and you will readily see all sub-options related to the feature. For example, clicking Functions provides you with access to the key combos that you can use to perform various functionalities in DisplayFusion. Or clicking Taskbar lets you view the various configuration options that you have access to.

Advanced Monitor Configuration

With Windows 10’s native multi-monitor capabilities, you are usually presented only with a limited set of controls that can help you configure your monitors. But not when you have DisplayFusion at your fingertips. With it, you can easily configure the resolution and color depth of monitors, modify refresh rates, change the orientation of individual monitors, etc. DisplayFusion also lets you save your profiles, which means that you can load them later at any time of your choosing. Not just that, but you can also create custom setups and layouts for different multi-monitor setups so that you can easily load them up if you frequently use switch between setups. If you are a developer or a tester, this feature should be indispensable.

Create Virtual Monitors

If you have monitors with large screens in your current setup, don’t let the extra screen real-estate go to waste. With DisplayFusion, you now easily create virtual monitors on any monitor of your choosing. These virtual monitors will act the same as your actual monitors, and even support all of the functionalities provided by DisplayFusion. For example, you can move around windows, apply stunning wallpapers, perform advanced monitor configurations, etc., easily. Just don’t expect to play video games or run movies in full-screen mode — these features are yet to be supported. But for anything else, you will DisplayFusion’s ability to create virtual monitors incredibly useful.

Multi-Monitor Taskbars

One of the biggest issues of using multiple monitors is the abysmal taskbar functionality present in Windows 10. But not with DisplayFusion installed and ready to. This fantastic program lets you create dedicated taskbars from scratch for each monitor in your setup. Finally, you can open programs from each monitor easily, access system tray controls, create shortcuts to commonly-used programs, etc., right from the comfort of each monitor. No more haphazardly arranging applications after opening the in some random monitor. All taskbars can be seamlessly customized — change their positioning, change sizes, or move around items just like you would normally do on your primary monitor.

Functions and Triggers

DisplayFusion’s functions and triggers should easily help boost your productivity. But what exactly are functions and triggers? Let’s start with functions; these are forms of shortcuts that you can use to easily perform a host of actions from minimizing all windows to moving stuff from one window to another. There are around 30 pre-configured functions to user actions, but you can easily modify them or create new functions on your own. On the other hand, triggers are actions that will kick in on there own based on other actions — for example, you open a window, and the window will be automatically moved to a specific monitor on your setup with no involvement on your part. You can create as many triggers as you want.

Smartphone Control

For instances where you really want to take a break from your PC, you can easily use your smartphone to remotely control your multi-monitor setup from a distance. Just install the DisplayFusion Remote app from the App Store or the Play Store to your iOS or Android smartphone, pair it up with your PC, and you are ready to go. Just like the actual DisplayFusion control panel on your desktop, the DisplayFusion Remote app also lets you perform all of the functionalities that you have access to. Move windows around, create functions and triggers, or change wallpapers right from the comfort of your smartphone. This functionality is unrivaled, and you should find multiple use cases depending on what you do with your multi-monitor setup.

Boost Your Productivity

DisplayFusion provides much-needed support when running a multi-monitor setup in Windows 10. Not only do you gain incredible features such as the ability to perform advanced monitor configurations, create virtual monitors, and deploy functions and triggers, but you also get access to a truckload of other productivity features — advanced wallpaper support, window snapping, monitor fading, etc., that are sure to super-charge your experience. And if you are part of an organization, DisplayFusion comes with a host of administrative functions that make it incredibly easy for the program to be deployed throughout workstations. DisplayFusion is also updated regularly, so you don’t have to worry about features going obsolete anytime soon. Grab DisplayFusion today and unlock the keys to a productive multi-monitor experience, unlike anything that you’ve yet seen.