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DivX Player and Converter Review

DivX Player and Converter Review

by March 19, 2015

DivX Player and Converter Review

DivX is a video codec which is widely popular nowadays. It offers a much higher degree of video compression and has got a number of significant innovations as compared with MPEG4. Unlike to MPG and MPEG video files, DivX file extension is not simply compressed but also encoded to reduce losses in quality and it is very suitable for transmission of videos over the Internet and home network. There are a lot of modern devices and players which support this technology, so you can enjoy watching high-quality movies at home and share them over all compatible and supported devices easily.

DivX Player and Converter, developed by DivX, Inc., are software programs which are specifically designed and created for playing and converting DivX files, streaming them between various devices and players. Thanks to a lot of features and well-arranged and intuitive interface you can not only enjoy watching videos in high-quality DivX format, but also transfer them to any device which you own.

Download and Installation

The program can be downloaded from the official DivX website. The installation process of the program does not present any difficulties. Every step is standard and familiar. Everything what you need is to choose the installation language (currently the program supports ten languages- Chinese, English, French, Russian, etc.), accept the license agreement (by checking a small box). After that the program offers to install additional components, i.e. DivX Converter, DivX Web Player and add shortcuts to the desktop. I greatly recommend installing them because they enhance the program functionality by enriching it with new features and possibilities. The final step is optional. DivX offers to install a third-party paid program TuneUp Utilities. If you do not need it simply uncheck EULA. That is all. After downloading and extracting all necessary components and plug-ins, the program is ready to use.


Installation 3

Installation 4

Installation 6

Interface of DivX Player

The interface of DivX player is extremely simply designed and easy to use. It has got a few buttons but at the same time offers a lot of functions. It consists of Menu Bar which contains the following buttons:

File (which includes commands for opening video files from a computer or URL, importing video files or folders into the library, etc.).

File Menu

View (which includes commands for customizing the appearance of the program. Using them you can show or hide video library pane, customize column options, change video size and video aspect ratio).

View Menu

Tools (with the help of this drop-down menu you can transfer videos to various devices, for example, DVD player, Playstation 3, etc., burn and stream videos, and so on).

VOD (short for Video on Demand), here you can register the computer and manage your devices via the official DivX site).


Help – it contains the program help files, information about version history, etc.).


At the bottom of the window, there are some functional buttons, namely, buttons for adding subtitle files, increasing or decreasing volume, opening “my library” pane, transferring videos to any supported device.

Interface of DivX Converter

The interface of DivX Converter contains only a few buttons on the top of the window:

Start (by clicking on it the file conversion process starts).

Add Files (by clicking on this you can add files from the computer. It is worth mentioning that the video files can be added simply by drag and drop method).

Help (it contains information about the program version and links to DivX forum and support team).

At the bottom of the page is located an output folder for saving converted files. You can leave it unchanged or choose another desired location.

Converter Interface

The main features of DivX Player

Supported video file formats

DivX Player can play the following file types:


File Formats

Open URL

The program allows you to open any video file from the Internet. Just enter the desired URL address of the desired URL of the videos and play them directly in the program without opening the web browser.


Transfer videos to device

The program offers a very interesting and useful feature Transfer videos. By means of it you can easily transfer all your favorite videos to DVD player, Blu-Ray player, TV or Playstation 3. Everything is extremely easy and can be done in four simple steps. Just select one of the above mentioned devices and then transfer method, i.e. 1. Burn a CD or DVD, 2. USB drive or 3. Computer. And finally videos which you want to transfer. That is all. After clicking on Start button the program will convert it to DivX format and you can able to transfer it to a desired device.

Transfer 1

Transfer 2

Transfer 3

Transfer 4

Burn Videos

DivX player allows you to burn videos to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disks and watch them on any DVD player or computer. It’s a very comfortable feature because there is no need to use any third-party programs for converting and burning them to optical disks. Everything can be performed with the help of DivX player.


Stream Videos

DivX player includes a very useful feature which helps you easily share videos over a home network using DLNA (short for Digital Living Network Alliance) to any compatible devices. The following video formats are supported by the program – AVI, DIVX, MKV and MP4. All video files can be shared by means of a special integrated into the program DivX Media Server. Just add your favorite folders with movies and choose a preferred device. That is all. (The full list of all supported devices can be found on DivX official site).


Stream 1

Video Settings

The program allows you to improve video quality by applying brightness, contrast and saturation and de-interlacing video output by using one of four methods – Fast, Bob, Top-field only-medium, Top-filed only medium and None- fastest.

Preferences 1

Preferences 2


You can conveniently arrange all video files by grouped them into categories- All Videos, Download Manager, Purchased Videos, Recently Watched with full info about Title, Time, Size and Date Added.



Additional Plugins

The program can be enhanced and enriched with three paid plugins:

MPEG-2 Plugin (price $9.99) – it enriches the functionality of DivX Converter allowing you to convert MPEG-2 video formats.

DFX Audio Enhancer Plugin (price $9.99) – with the help of this plugin you can improve sound quality by adjusting and applying different effects, i.e.



3D Surround

Dynamic Boost


The plugin also contains various presets, for instance, Country, Hip-Hop, Rock, etc.

SRS Audio-Fusion Plugin (price $14.99) – it greatly improves and enriches the sound quality of music and movies.


The Main Features of DivX Video Converter

By means of DivX Converter you can convert the following video files to DIVX format:

Create DIVX HEVC VHD 4K files up to 3840 X 2160 from MKV, HEVC, AAC, MP3 and AC3, etc. (see the screenshot below).


You can also create iPad, iPhone and Mobile video files.

Additionally you can customize some1. Output Options, namely,


Limit File Size and make it suitable, for example, for CD-R, DVD-R, etc.

Video Bitrate in kbps, maximum up to 6750

Enable 2 pass for video encoding

Rotate Video right or left 90% and 180%

Flip horizontal or vertical.

2. Audio Tracks (i.e. select audio format- AAC or MP3 and Audio Bitrate) and 3. Add Subtitles.



System Requirements

The minimal requirements are as follows:

Windows XP – Windows 8.1

Intel Pentium processor IV with 2.4 GHz

64 MB of video RAM

215 MB of free hard disk space

Internet Explorer 7 and higher

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Safari for playing web videos.


DivX Player is a very powerful program for watching and converting DIVX video format movies. It features a wide range of unique and advanced possibilities such as video burning, streaming and sharing. The program also includes a web player which allows you to watch AVI, MKV and DIVX files in the browser and video converter for quick and easy conversion of most popular video formats to DIVX. Thanks to three very functional and useful plugins you can greatly enhance the usefulness of the program and get more sound effects and video quality.




1. It can play AVI, MP4, DIVX and other video formats
2. It can transfer video files to other devices such as DVD player and Playstation
3. You can view videos in your web browser
4. Quick and easy conversion of any video files to DIVX format


The program sometimes freezes

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DivX player is a powerful program for watching movies in DIVX video format.

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