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DLL-files Fixer Review

DLL-files Fixer Review

by August 13, 2015

DLL-files Fixer Review.

It is probable that almost every computer user or inveterate gamer has seen at least once on the computer screen a small error window with the following text the program can’t start because .dll is missing or a required .dll file was not found. I am sure that you agree with me that this is a very unpleasant fact because you need to browse the boundless Internet expanse to find it and it is not so easy.

Needless to say, all who are faced with this problem want to know what DLL files are and how to fix DLL errors.

DLL is short for Dynamic Link Library and it is a basic component in the Windows operating system. DLLs are external data files which are accessed and used by various programs and thanks to that there is no need to embed those files into each program. In other words, DLL files are very important part of the system and they provide the proper and seamless functionality of the programs; without them it is impossible to load any program, that is why, you cannot start programs when DLL files are missing or corrupt.

The very useful application called Dll-files Fixer is specially designed to solve problems related to DLL files. Thanks to this program, now you do not need to search for them on the Internet and waste your valuable time. With the help of DLL-files Fixer you have the possibility to find and fix any DLL related errors easily and just with one click of the mouse.

Download and Installation

It is very easy to get the program installer; just visit and download it from the official website. It is not big (just 5 MB in size) and takes only seconds to download.

The trial version has not got any time restriction, so you can install and use it as long as you want, but, on the other side, it is very feature limited. The program allows you to fix only one DLL error and 15 registry errors. Of course, all these restrictions will be eliminated in the full version. You can purchase 12, 24 and 36 months license and enjoy full functionality and advantages.

Dll-files Fixer is available in twenty languages including English, French, German, Russian, and so on.

Anyone, even unexperienced users can install the program without any problem because the installation procedure is straightforward. All you need is to click on the installer, accept End User License agreement and select additional tasks such as a desktop or quick launch icon. That is all. Only seconds are needed for the full installation of the program.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 3

The Interface of the Program

The main interface of Dll-files Fixer is well arranged and extremely easy to use; every feature and every action is easily performed because everything is conveniently sorted out in five functional tiles that are located at the top of the main window. They are as follows:

Status– it is divided into two small panes- Scan Status (it provides you with information about the last registry scan and the number of found errors; three different colors displays the level of the registry health from Low (green color) to High (red color)) and DLL File Installation (in this pane you can view the number of found, fixed and installed DLL files).

Install DLL Files– this tab allows you to search for missing DLL files and install them with the help of provided search box. It should be noted that you need an active Internet connection because the program searches for DLL files using its own online database.

Scan Registry– Dll-files Fixer lets you to scan the Windows registry for errors and safely fix them. Via this window you can get information about found errors and your PC health status.

Backup Registry– for eliminating any unexpected problems, DLL-files Fixer offers a very useful tool which allows you to back up the system registry and easily restore its previous state in the event of any system error or failure.

Settings– in this tab you have the possibility to configure program’s settings, for example, select the preferred interface language, create an exclusion list, automatic scanning schedule, and some others.

The Main features of the Program

Install DLL Files– Do you have problems with DLL files? Your favorite programs and games do not load because they miss DLL files? Do not lose your head; now you have got an excellent application which can handle and solve all the problems with missing and corrupted DLL files.

It is very easy to find any kind of DLL files using the program thanks to a very large online database, you can find practically everything. All you need is to open the program and enter the desired DLL file extension name into the provided search box (do not forget, you need an active Internet connection to use this database). DLL-files Fixer will find it for you and you then you can install it using the program or manually.

Thanks to DLL-files Fixer you have the possibility to find, download and install any DLL file; there is no need to waste your time and search for them using web browsers. Just open the program and all known DLL files will be at your disposal in seconds.

Interface- Install Dll Files

Scan Registry– with the help of DLL-files Fixer you can not only to fix DLL related problems, but also scan the Windows operating system for common registry problems and safely repair them. The program allows you to fix System Related Errors (i.e. invalid application paths, fonts, help files, shared files, and so on), COM and ActiveX errors (i.e. errors related to ActiveX and COM file extensions), User Related Errors (i.e. invalid history lists, shortcuts, sounds, etc.) and Startup and Uninstall Errors (i.e. problems and errors related to start menu or startup items on the one hand and uninstalled programs on the other hand).

The program provides you with thorough details about each found errors, i.e. you can view its location in the Windows registry, key value and error description. In addition, you have the possibility to export a log file as a XML document file for further references.

The duration of the scan is very fast; the only disadvantage is that you can fix only 15 found registry errors in the trial version.

The functionality of the program is of high quality; thanks to the leading technology you can safely and reliably repair all found errors and significantly improve and optimize the system performance and stability.

interface- scan registry 1

Interface- scan registry 2


Backup Registry– the Windows registry is a very sensitive and vulnerable part of the system; any changes or modifications may lead to its malfunction and instability. That is why DLL-files Fixer offers a special inbuilt tool which allows you to protect the system against any unexpected problems and create a full or partial registry backup. With the help of these backups, you can easily restore the previous state of the registry and undo any changes made by the program.

Interface- backup registry

Settings– with DLL-files Fixer you can easily configure program’s settings; the program allows you to select those areas and file types that you want to be scanned for errors, for example, fonts, shared files, etc. on the one hand and create an exclusion list for those files that you do not want to be scanned for errors.

With the help of the program you can schedule and configure automatic maintenance of the system. DLL-files Fixer allows you to select type of schedule (for example, every day or week, etc.) and the date and the time to run.

In addition, you have the possibility to select the preferred interface language and launch the program at Windows startup.

Interface- Settings 1

Interface- Settings 3

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 8 (both 32 and 64-bit versions)

Intel Pentium Processor 3 or above with at least 1 GHz

512 MB of RAM

20 MB of free hard disk space


DLL-files Fixer is a very simple, but at the same time very effective application for finding and fixing any errors related to DLL files. With just one click of the mouse you have the possibility to find practically any DLL file in the program’s database and without any effort download and install it.

With the help of the program you can also fix errors in the system registry and significantly optimize and improve its performance.

DLL-files Fixer is not a program for everyday use because DLL related problems are not very common but it is worth having it installed on the computer; it has got a very powerful registry cleaner which is of use for every computer user.


1. You can search for missing and damaged DLL files and easily fix them
2. You can scan and fix common errors in the system registry
3. You can back up the registry and restore it at any time
4. You can schedule automatic maintenance of the system


It has got a lot of restrictions in the trial version

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