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Dropbox 3.7 experimental build gets a new selective sync UI, and offers to install the Gmail extension on Windows and Macs

Dropbox 3.7 experimental build gets a new selective sync UI, and offers to install the Gmail extension on Windows and Macs

by AshwinJuly 1, 2015

Cloud storage service, Dropbox, has released a new build of its application for desktops.

This is a test build, and obviously it is not available in the Stable build channel yet.

The current test channel is for Dropbox build 3.7. And the version released for it today, is v3.7.4.1 available. It includes a few optimizations and some important new features.

The first major feature in Build 3.7, is that it now includes the Gmail integration extension built in to the installer of Dropbox.

Dropbox for Gmail is an extension for Google Chrome. It allows users to send large files in emails, without having to worry about the attachment size as the files are stored on Dropbox’s servers, and not in Gmail’s.

Normally we download files from the web, compress them and ulpoad them as attachments to be sent with emails, but the Dropfox for Gmail extension eliminates the hassle, because you only have to upload it to Dropbox once and you cab just insert them into emails directly.

If you have Google Chrome installed on your Windows PC, or Mac OS X machine, you will be prompted to install the extension.

But it will only offer the extension if another condition is met. Build 3.7’s installer will only offer to install the extension if you use a Gmail address to log in to Dropbox.

Linux computers will not be prompted to install the extension, even though it is available for the platform. Additionally Mac OS X machines will display the Dropbox badge on Preview for Mac.

The other change is related to Selective Sync. If you use Dropbox regularly, you will have noticed that the desktop application, has a setting to selectively synchronize folders from the cloud storage’s server to your PC.

This is what the Selective Sync looked like in version 3.6.x.


And this is the new UI of Selective Sync in version 3.7.x.


Basically what has happened here is that Dropbox has removed the folder icons in the newer version.

In Build 3.6.x, Dropbox had introduced several new features and tweaks. Most importantly, it had beeen improved for better network utilization for uploads which happen on fast networks. It had also fixed issues related to opening the Dropbox website, from within the desktop app on Windows 8.1 computers, in Build 3.6.x.

The new Dropbox 3.7 build is available for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. You can find the offline installers as well as the online installers for the latest version at the official Dropbox website.