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Dropbox 3.8.5 stable version and 3.9.30 experimental build released, and here’s what’s new

Dropbox 3.8.5 stable version and 3.9.30 experimental build released, and here’s what’s new

by AshwinJuly 25, 2015

Dropbox has released updated versions for its desktop apps, in both the stable and experimental (beta) channels.


First let’s take a look at Dropbox 3.8.5 stable version and the changes it brings.

Dropbox 3.8 becomes the first version of the app, to officially support Windows 10, but I’ve been using experimental builds prior to this update without running into issues.

The following changes have graduated from the Dropbox 3.7 experimental build, which was released at the beginning of this month.

The app now displays the Dropbox badge on Preview for Mac, and has removed the folder icons from the selective sync interface. The installer for this 3.8, will offer to install the “Dropbox for Gmail” Google Chrome Extension, in Windows and Mac machines, but you can opt out of it.



Clicking on enable, just opens Chrome, and redirects you to the Dropbox for Gmail webpage, on the cloud service’s website (and logs you in automatically). The page also has an “enable” button clicking on which, brings up the standard pop-up window as any Chrome extension does, click on install to add the extension to the browser.

Should you change your mind, you can easily remove it from Chrome’s Menu > More Tools > Extensions, and even re-add it back from the Chrome Web Store.  The change-log for the new stable build does include one major fix, for a bug which unlinked accounts from the app.

You can download Dropbox 3.8.5 stable version for Windows, Mac and Linux systems from this thread at the Dropbox forums.

Dropbox 3.9.30 experimental build:

Dropbox 3.9 now includes a rather useful feature, which should make signing in to the service in your web browser, easier. If you have the latest build installed, and haven’t signed in to, you will find that visiting the website now offers an option to “Continue” with your “account’s username” already displayed there. I tested it in both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, and it works flawlessly. I didn’t even have to restart the browser for it to work.


The latest experimental build has been tweaked for better network utilization while downloading files, on a fast connection. LAN Sync, which previously had some issues have been fixed as well. The Dropbox badge, which is displayed when opening files stored in the cloud, can now be hidden easily.

Dropbox 3.9 brings in other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements, but the company has not detailed on what they are.


The Dropbox 3.9.30 experimental build is available for download from this page.

Note: Both the stable and experimental builds have online and offline installers at their respective pages, linked above. It also has x86 and x64 installers for Linux.

Dropbox’s  head of trust and security, Patrick Heim, recently announced that the company is considering to offer free storage as an incentive for users who complete a security healthcheck on their accounts.