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Dropbox badge is now available for all users and here’s a look at its features

Dropbox badge is now available for all users and here’s a look at its features

by AshwinOctober 7, 2015

Cloud storage giant, Dropbox, is rolling out a very important feature for all users.

Dropbox Badge all users

It is the Dropbox Badge, which will help teams and groups of users.

Before we get into it, here is a quick reminder of a feature which is available in Microsoft Office 2016. The productivity suite boasts a new multi-authoring feature called Collaboration, which is available in Microsoft Word.

The feature allows multiple users to work on the same document, and every user will be able to see where in the document, the other users are working on. Microsoft OFfice 2016 comes with built in support for the Redmond company’s own cloud service, OneDrive.

Now, Dropbox has a similar feature in its apps, called Dropbox Badge. The feature is also related to Microsoft Office, but only for the Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files stored on your Dropbox account.

The badge will display some information, about if another user is working on the same file as you, and also whether they have edited the file and not saved it yet. So you can wait for them to finish working on it, or work with them according to your requirements.

That’s not all it can do, the Badge actually has some nifty little shortcuts. You can share links for dropbox files by clicking on the option, which will automatically copy the URL to your clipboard, allowing you to paste it in an email or an instant messaging app, or anywhere you want to.

You can also use the badge to view the file history page on Dropbox, to see the previous versions of the file. This allows users to revert to an older version of the file in case the newer one isn’t up to your liking.

The Dropbox badge also has a comment option clicking on which, opens a new Window on your PC or to the file’s location on the cloud storage website on Macs. You can enter a comment about the file there, and even @ mention a user, who will then be notified of the same via email, which will also contain a link to the file itself.

The Dropbox Badge was previously available for Business users, but now the feature has been made available for all users.

On a side-note, Dropbox Stable Build 3.10.7 was released today. The new version adds a neat feature, which opens the Dropbox folder on Windows, when you double click on the Dropbox icon in the System Tray.