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Dropbox file preview now supports ZIP, RAR, EPUB and MXF

Dropbox file preview now supports ZIP, RAR, EPUB and MXF

by AshwinJune 20, 2018

Dropbox file preview now supports several new formats, the cloud storage service giant announced today. Until now, the only way to know what was in an archive was to download and open the file.

That changes today with support for ZIP and RAR in the server side updates for the service. You can simply double click on an archive in the web and see what is in the archive without downloading it to your desktop. This will save you time and possibly data if you are in a hurry, and have a limited bandwidth plan.

Dropbox file preview

Those aren’t the only formats which have been added to Dropbox file preview. You can now open EPUB files, a popular eBook format, using the Dropbox preview option. This allows you to open and read the documents on the mobile or web, even if you don’t have a compatible eBook reader on your device. Dropbox Professional, Advanced, Enterprise, and Education users can preview MXF videos using the service. AutoCAD users in the same Dropbox plans, can view DWG files on mobile and web.

PDF and PowerPoint previews now lets you to jump to specific pages or slides in the document, in the preview mode. There is a new sidebar, which you can use to jump to the page you want to view. You can hide the sidebar, and use the toolbar if you don’t want to scroll down the page accidentally. Dropbox says that it now supports videos up to 6TB in size, so if you are a professional videographer, you can preview the content online, before deciding to download them.

Another important feature that these updates bring, is support for collaborating. If you are working on a project and want the opinions of your colleagues, you can allow them to leave comments on the file previews. This is especially useful, if the person viewing the file doesn’t have a supported application to view or access the file. There is no option to disable file previews, so if you don’t want other users to view your data, you either need to subscribe to Dropbox Business or Professional or change the sharing permissions.

All of these Dropbox file preview updates are available on the Dropbox Paper service too. The feature is live now for all users by default on both Dropbox and Paper. The company says that Dropbox Paper will also support embedding content from services like InVision and Vimeo.