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Dropbox for Windows 10 Download

Dropbox for Windows 10 Download

by AshwinJanuary 21, 2016

Dropbox for Windows 10 Download

Dropbox, is a name you are likely well aware of, for it is the most popular cloud storage service available today.

Dropbox For Windows 10
Just like most of its rivals, Dropbox is available across many platforms, in native mobile apps and desktop apps.

You may have used the Dropbox app on your Windows PC. But have you tried the Dropbox for Windows 10 app? Yes there is one available at the Redmond Company’s app store.


The Dropbox for Windows 10 app is actually quite well designed, and has a pleasing UI. The interface is of course based on the guidelines for the Univeral Windows Program.

The app is divided into four parts: A sidebar on the left, a menu button in the top left corner, a file manager which actually takes up about 90% of the app’s screen space, and a toolbar above the.

Menu button:

Clicking on the hamburger menu button gives three options.

  • Search – You can search for your files and folders stored in your Dropbox account, using this option.
  • Share – The option lets you share a screenshot of the Dropbox app using third party apps and services.
  • Settings – All the of the app’s settings are housed under this option. This is explained below.


Dropbox For Windows 10 settings

You can manage your account, check the storage, change profile picture, upgrade account, sign out, or invite friends) from the Account tab. The camera upload option lets you save images you take with your device’s camera to your Dropbox folder automatically.

The app lets you lock access to the contents, by using a passcode. The great thing about the app is that it doesn’t download your files automatically, to save space, and you can manage this cache by deleting/limiting the amount of space to be used.

The about tab allows you to check the version number, access the help contents on Dropbox’s website.


The sidebar consists of four options:

Recents – This is represented by the clock icon, and shows the files (in the cloud) which you accessed recently.
Dropbox – Silly as this may sound, that is what the icon is called, and provides access to your Dropbox folder’s contents, and is in fact the main feature of the app.
Photos – Represented by an album icon, this is where your photos (from camera upload) are stored. The app displays thumbnail previews of the images.
Offline – This option as the name suggests, lets you take your important files offline for accessing them when you don’t have a network connection.

Dropbox For Windows 10 Photos

Why is Dropfox for Windows 10 is better than the regular Dropbox for Windows App?

It has a built in PDF-Viewer, image viewer and a video player. And it doesn’t download every file you have on the cloud. So it gives you better control of what you want. But what you upload is synced with your account, obviously.

And of course, you can even sign up for a free account with 2 GB of free space.

Download Dropbox for Windows 10 for free from the Windows Store.