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Dropbox now lets you save URLs which you can drag and drop on the web and on desktops

Dropbox now lets you save URLs which you can drag and drop on the web and on desktops

by AshwinAugust 20, 2015

Cloud Storage giant, Dropbox, has added a new feature to its web version and desktop app.


The service now lets users save URLs by dragging and dropping them on the Dropbox website or the desktop app.

This kind of acts like a bookmark manager, and may even serve as a bookmark manager. Personally I use the popular service Xmarks, which saves your bookmarks on its servers, and lets you sync them in various browsers across many platforms. But I still think Dropbox’s drag and drop may be useful, since you will be able to access the links in your mobile as well, (using the Dropbox app of course).

Another advantage in Dropbox’s bookmark feature, is that you can manually place/save them in different folders as per your usage and needs. Let’s says you come across an interesting article about Windows 10, and wish to read it later, you could save it to a folder named “Tech News” or “Microsoft”, or literally anything, as it is completely your choice.

In addition to saving the bookmark, it also saves a time-stamp of it,just like any other file on Dropbox. You can also share the link your friends or colleagues.

How to save a URL in Dropbox:

  1. Open any webpage, which you wish to bookmark.
  2. Login to or open the Dropbox desktop app and login to it.
  3. Click on the address bar’s icon (Globe/Lock,Exclamation marl), and drag the mouse cursor to the Dropbox page/app
  4. The URL will be saved in the Dropbox folder where you dragged it to.


Though Dropbox’s official announcement does not mention this, I think we can safely assume that you can save as many URLs as you want to. The URLs are saved as a file sized 100 bytes. For reference 1000000 bytes = 1 megabyte, so I don’t think you will need to worry about running out of storage space by amassing URLs.

You can right-click on the saved URL to rename, delete, share or move it to another folder, and more, just like you would, with a regular Dropbox file. Naturally the saved URL is clickable, and will redirect to a page, where Dropbox prompts you with a button which will open the link in a new tab.

While it isn’t a major feature, it is a useful addition nevertheless, particularly handy for users on the go.

I think there is room for improvement. Dragging and dropping a URL can be a cumbersome task, and sometimes may not work correctly if you have multiple browser tabs or windows opened. So, it would be better, if Dropbox releases a browser add-on for saving URLs, which could work by clicking a button, or by right-clicking anywhere on the webpage to “Save the URL to Dropbox”.