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Dropbox on the web gets a Recents tab to list the files you edited recently

Dropbox on the web gets a Recents tab to list the files you edited recently

by AshwinNovember 13, 2015

Popular cloud storage service, Dropbox, has announced the roll out of a new feature on its website, called Recents.

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Managing folders and files on computers or other devices is a difficult job.

And this only gets more difficult, if you have tons of files uploaded to a cloud storage service. You could of course put them in different folders, and yes that would make things a bit more organised, but what if you have too many folders? And what if they all bear similar names?  Or if you forgot the name of the file you were working on? How will you find out the file you were editing a week ago or a month ago? Enter “Recent” to save the day.

It is basically a shortcut on which lets you view the you accessed recently. You can find it in the left sidebar on the Dropbox website, in the form of a clock icon, with the word Recents next to it.

You can also visit to use the feature after logging in.

This is not actually a new feature to Dropbox, as the cloud storage provider initially debuted Recents for Apple’s iOS. The feature was introduced six months ago, in May to be precise. Dropbox says it proved to be a huge success, as it found that users were finding their files “significantly faster”.

The tab will not list any file and folder which you accessed recently. It is only intended to list the files which you have uploaded, edited or moved from one folder to another.

There is in fact an added bonus that the feature adds. Care to take a guess? The addition of the Recents tab, almost eliminates the need for folders.

And the news does get better. Recents is a cross platform feature, so you will be able to use it on the web, the iOS app. If you were working on a file at work, and want to continue with it at home, you can do so with Recents.

Dropbox says the Recents feature will be made available for its Android app in the upcoming months.  The cloud storage service launched a new service called Paper, a month ago. It is a collaborative document editing service, which lets multiple users work on a document simultaneously. Another recent addition to Dropbox, is support for opening Adobe PDF documents stored in the cloud, directly using the installed Acrobat Reader application on Windows and Mac.