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Dropbox Release Candidate 3.12.2 adds new Badge features

Dropbox Release Candidate 3.12.2 adds new Badge features

by AshwinNovember 20, 2015

Cloud storage service Dropbox, has released a new version of its desktop app for users on the release candidate channel.

Dropbox 3.12.2

The latest version of the app bumps the build number from 3.11.x to 3.12.2, and brings in a few new features.

Back in October, Dropbox enabled the Badge feature for all users. The feature which was originally released for Business users, and later made available to all users, is a great boon for those who work with Microsoft Office documents stored in  their account. The Bage works with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files, and shows the user if another author is working on the same document, and also if the changes have been saved by the other user.

It also has shortcuts for sharing files easily, viewing the file history, access the previous version of the file, revert to an older version and also leave a comment on the file.

New Dropbox Badge features:

The Release Candidate version released today, adds more functions to the Badge. It now displays whether the document is shared with other users, and also lets the file owner to change the sharing permissions. You can also email the file directly from the badge.

Don’t know when someone has left a comment on a file?  Well, now you can, thanks to the new Comments notifications system. Windows 10 Enterprise Edition users can make use of the new Data Protection feature in the latest RC build. The Mac OS X version of the app has some new UI improvements, for the Tray Popups.

Dropbox’s announcement, however lacks important information about some of the changes under the hood, and queries from users have yet to be answered.  The Cloud storage service says it has reduced the memory usage of the app, and also that it has fixed some bugs, and made some changes to how the client runs before a user signs in, and we have no idea what this means.

Dropbox Release Candidate 3.12.2 has been released for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. You can download the offine installer too, should you wish to update the app on multiple systems.

Users with version 3.11.x need not download the installer, as the version will be updated to v 3.12 automatically for you.

Sadly, Dropbox still has not given an ETA as to when it will enable its new Recents tab, which the company added to the web version last week.