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Dropbox’s new team feature lets you share files faster with your colleagues

Dropbox’s new team feature lets you share files faster with your colleagues

by AshwinSeptember 22, 2015

Cloud Storage Service giant, Dropbox, has announced the launch of a new feature.


The latest addition is Team Feature, which allows users to use personal Dropbox accounts and Pro accounts together at the workplace.

It is a bit odd that the feature doesn’t have a proper name, and is just called Team Feature. But I guess we can safely look that over, as it is the functionality that matters. So let’s see what it’s capable of.


As the name suggests, this feature allows multiple users, or in this context, a team to store all their data in one team folder.  All team members will then be able to access all of the files and information from one common place,  making it easier to access them from anywhere they want to.

Well basically, it is like shared folders, but with the objective being team work and access.

Faster Sharing:

Dropbox’s team feature lets users share files very quickly. This is how it works, it lets you create groups of team members who can share files with their working groups. And advantage in this feature is that any member who is added after a group has been created, will immediately gain access to any of the folders which has been shared with the group, which should be pretty useful if they want to catch up with the project.

Personal and Work accounts:

Dropbox wants all team members to use its service, as per their requirement. So anyone can create accounts separately for personal use, and for work. The best part is that both accounts can be accessed from anywhere, regardless of the platform or device the user has.

I’m guessing this feature will allow users to add a second account to the existing apps, which would be a very welcome feature. There is no exact ETA as to when it will be rolled out, but Dropbox has announced that it will be rolling out the team feature for Basic and Pro users next week.

What I would like to see is the launch of Dropbox Notes, you remember that, don’t you? Way back in April, Dropbox had begun working on a beta version of a collaborative note taking service, similar to the one it had acquired last year, called Hackpad. There doesn’t seem to be any news about it ever since, but it’d surely be a popular tool if only it was released.