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Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro Review

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro Review

by June 1, 2016

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro Review

Thanks to constant and uninterrupted growth of computer and software technologies, now it is very easy to find and restore accidentally deleted files or files lost after virus attack or hardware failure, and so on. There are a lot of useful and advanced applications on the software market which help you to get your data back easily and effortlessly. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro is just that application. With the help of this program you can find and restore any files quickly and effortlessly and, fortunately, you do not need professional computer skills’ just tell the program what file types you want to restore and it will find them without your interruption. After the scan process, you will be able to preview all found files and recover them in any location of your choice.

Download and Installation- The first thing you should do for getting this great program is to visit the official Easeus website and download it. The installer is not big, just about 15 MB in size. Currently the program supports more than 10 interface languages including English, Danish, Dutch, Italian, and so on. Professional version, unlike the free one (which is also available on the Easeus website), offers more advanced and powerful features. For example, you can restore as many files as you want and get lifetime free technical support and upgrades. The trial version of the program has got only one limitation, namely, you can find the unlimited number of lost or deleted files, but you cannot restore more than 2 GB. Fortunately, this limitation is eliminated after buying the full version.

The installation process is very easy and standard. All you need to do is to select the installation language, accept the license agreement and specify the installation folder. That is it. In a minute the program will be installed and you will be able to restore your important files and folders.

Installation 2

Installation 4

Installation 8

The Interface of the Program- there is no need to say that it is very important to use any program easily and conveniently. So, programs must have a very convenient interface. Fortunately, the user interface of Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro is very attractive and easy to use. It is conveniently divided into two parts. In the first part you can select those file types you want to recover (for example, graphics, audio, and so on) and in the second part you have the possibility to select a location in which you wish to search for lost or deleted files (for example, internal or external hard drives or any other removable media connected to the computer, i.e. USB flash drive, flash cards, and so on.


New Interface 1

New Interface 2

The Main Features of the Program- Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro is one of those useful and necessary applications that help you to find and recover lost data. Thanks to the program you will be able to restore accidentally deleted files on the one hand and files deleted because of virus attack or formatted disks, and so on. The program supports all popular file systems (i.e. FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, and so on), any storage devices (for example, external or internal HDD disks, memory cards, USB flash drives, MP3 players, smartphones, digital cameras, and so on) and any file types (i.e. photos, office documents, media files, and so on).

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro offers two different scan methods for finding and restoring deleted or lost files- Quick and Deep. The Quick method is effective if you want to find and recover accidentally deleted files and files deleted from the recycle bin recently. The Deep scan method is very thorough and it is of use when you want to recover files, for example, from the formatted or damaged disk. As a rule, the first method is very effective and it allows you to find and recover any file types, but the deep method is more advanced and thanks to it, you have the possibility to recover practically everything. It should be said that the quick scan method is very fast and it takes only minutes while the deep one is lengthier but at the same time more productive.

It is a very easy task to find and recover files using the program. First of all, you have to know what to recover, i.e. in other words, what file types you want to recover. For convenience’s sake all file types are conveniently sorted out into six different categories. That is very convenient because you can to find and recover, for example, only graphic files and skip all others. The following file types are at your disposal- Graphics (the program allows you to recover not only common image files such as JPG, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, etc., but also RAW files from the most digital cameras, for example, CRW, RAW, X3F, and so on); Document (i.e. all well-known document file formats, for example, Microsoft Office, PDF, RTF, and many others); Email (the program supports such popular email clients as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express); Audio (i.e. all popular audio formats, for example, MP3, WMA, and so on); Video (i.e. all common and mostly used video formats, for example, AVI, MKV, MP4, and so on) and Other (this category allows you to find and recover those file types which are not listed in the first file categories, for example, archive files, applications, and so on).

After specifying file types you want to recover, you can proceed to the second step and select any desired device to search for deleted files. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro supports a wide range of different devices. You can easily recover files, for example, from external HDD and SSD disks on the other hand and from any other removable device connected to the computer via USB port, i.e. USB flash drive, memory stick, external hard drive, MP3 player, smartphone, digital camera, and a lot of others. In addition, Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro also allows you to find and recover files from lost and formatted disks.

After specifying file types and device to be scanned for deleted or lost files, you can start searching. By default, Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro uses a quick scan method at first. But if you are not satisfied with results, you can take full advantage of the second deep scan method and thoroughly search any device to find lost files. Thanks to using leading and the most advanced searching and recovering algorithms, the program allows you to find and recover practically everything. Of course, the searching time depends of the capacity of the device and the number of deleted files. But I think that it is worth waiting the scan completion because you can get back all your important files. The program will sort out all found results into categories and display names, date and path of each file. You have the possibility to export scan results as an RSF file.

After the search, Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro will sort out results into several categories, i.e. graphics, document, and so on. You will be able to view found results before recovery thanks to the special inbuilt preview window.

Scan results 1

The final step is very easy. All you need to do is to select those files you want to recover and specify any location to store them. That is all. Now, thanks to Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro, all your files from photos to applications are at your disposal.

What is new in Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro 10.2?

Intuitive interaction UI could filter files with ease.

New Bootable media with strengthened recovery quality.

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

CPU- at least with X86

RAM- at least 128 MB

Disk space- at least 40 MB.


There is no need to say that it is a very bad thing to lose all your important files forever. But, fortunately, the good thing is that now you can to get them back thanks to Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro. The program offers unique and advanced technologies to find and restore files. The program allows you to recovery any file type (i.e. photos, archives, documents, multimedia files, and so on) from any devices (i.e. internal or external HDD or SSD disks, removable media, and so on). More than that, it allows you to recover files even from the lost partitions.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro is a great and necessary program from those users which want to get back all their important files back easily and quickly in just few simple steps. I highly recommend the program. I think that it is worth using it because it offers so much for you. It is a real saver for you.

In conclusion, I want to offer some suggestions for future version. Firstly, I think that Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Pro is a great program and it need to be translated into more languages. Currently it supports only 13 languages and secondly, the developers should add some filters for sorting out found files, for example, by date, size, etc.


1. A very intuitive and easy to use interface
2. It supports any file types and any devices to recover lost files.
3. Two powerful scan methods.


1. It supports only 13 languages
2. You cannot filter found results.

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