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Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 Review

Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 Review

by September 18, 2015

Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 Review.

Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 can be downloaded from the official website (the developers also offer four different versions, too, namely, Free, Workstation, Server and Advanced server; but Home version includes practically everything for home users, so, it is the best choice for them). The installer is about 105 MB in size and it is available in ten languages- German, English Spanish, etc.

The trial version is fully functional for 30 days.

The installation process of the program is very easy. After selecting the preferred interface language, you should just accept the license agreement, choose the destination location for the program installation and create the desktop shortcut.

installation 3

installation 4

installation 5

installation 8

The Interface of the Program

The main window of Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 is divided into three parts:

Backup– it is located at the top on the left side and provides access to different backup types offered by the program, namely, Disk and Partition backup, File backup, system backup, Smart backup, and Mail backup.

Others– it is also located at the top on the right side of the program and includes three categories- Clone (it allows you to clone the entire disk or partition, i.e. create the exact copy of the disk or partition), Logs (it contains logs and gives you detailed info about each performed backup operation) and Tools (the program has got six different tools for performing various additional tasks, for example, you can check the image, create emergency disk, wipe data, and so on).

Backup Management and Recover– all created backups are collected in the central part of the window and you have the possibility to edit these backups on the one hand or restore them on the other hand.


The Main Features of the Program

Supported File Systems– FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS

Supported Hard Disk– IDE, EIDE, SATA, ESATA, ATA, SCSI, iSCSI, USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 disk.

Backup– Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 offers advanced possibilities to create any kind of backups. With the help of the program you can perform System backup, Disk and partition backup, File backup, Mail backup and Smart backup.

System Backup– the operating system is a heart of the computer, so it is very important and needful to pay special attention to it because without its proper functionality you cannot do anything on the computer.

The program provides you with the easiest way to create the system backup; all you need is to select Destination (i.e. the place where it will be saved, for example, external hard disk, USB, etc.), give the name to it and optionally, add some descriptions.system backup

Disk and Partition Backup– if you want not only to back up the system partition but also the whole hard disk, you can take full advantage of this type of backup. Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 allows you to create a backup copy of the full disk, i.e. you can back up all your files and folders which are on the disk.

In addition, you have the possibility to back up all other partitions (i.e. not only the system partition) on the one hand and activate sector by sector backup (i.e. create a backup not only for those sectors which contains data, but also for blank ones, too).

The backup preparation is the same, i.e. you need to select Destination for saving the backup, name it and write a description.

Disk and Partition backup

File Backup– with the help of the program you can back up not only the whole disk or partitions, but also individual files and folders. Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 offers two options for file backup- User Defined (i.e. you have the possibility to select any desired file or folder for backing up manually) and File Type. The program allows you to back up various file types; all they are conveniently divided into six categories, namely:

Document- the program supports the vast majority of document files, for example, DOC, PDF, PPT, XLSX, etc.

E-Mail- you can back up the following e-mail formats- DBX, EML, MSG, OFT, PBX, PST and WAB.

Financial- for example, BK1, MBF, QAA, T01, and a lot of others.

Music- the program allows you to back up any audio file formats, i.e. AIF, MP3, WAV, WMA, etc.

Picture- the program supports all well-known graphic formats, i.e. BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF, JPG, etc.

Video- i.e. MP4, AVI, SWF, 3GP, etc.

Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 lets you add manually any file formats which are not listed in the above mentioned categories; just type the name of the format and click OK and it will be added to the program.

File Backup

Mail Backup– we all use emails on the daily basis and we have got a lot of important messages stored there; so it is necessary to protect all of them against sudden loss. With the help of the program you can easily back up all your messages, folders, contact list, calendar, and so on. Currently the program supports only Microsoft Outlook. I hope the developers will add some other mail clients, too, for example, Mozilla Thunderbird, Bat, etc.

Smart Backup– you constantly update some folders with new files or additions and want to keep any performed changes? If it is so, you can take full advantage of Smart Backup. Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 will help you to monitor any changes and create a new backup after each change.

Smart backup

Backup Options– Before starting the backup process, you have the possibility to configure some backup options, i.e. specify the desired preferences. Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 offers the following options:

Space– you can significantly decrease the backup size by compressing it. The program offers three compression levels- Normal, Medium and High. It should be noted that the more is the compression level, the more time is needed for backup completion.

The compression tool is of high use if you have got a little space on the disk or want to upload the backup online.

With the help of the program you can also greatly reduce the backup size by splitting it into several smaller parts. You have the possibility to split the file automatically or manually by specifying one of four parameters, i.e. CD-650, CD-700, FAT 32-4096 and DVD-4812.

Tools- Space

Encryption– if your backup contains a lot of confidential and sensitive data and you want to protect them from unauthorized access and use, you can take full advantage of the Encryption tool offered by the program. All you need is to set up a strong password. The program uses the most reliable and the strongest encryption algorithm for protecting backups- AES 256, so nobody can break it.

Tools- Encryption

Performance– in this section you have the possibility to configure two performance options, namely, Priority (i.e. how much system resources the program will take for performing backup tasks- Low, Medium or High) and Network Transfer Speed.

Tools- performance

E-Mail Notification– Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 allows you to configure email notifications, i.e. you will get notifications about each performed backups, for example, when operations succeed or fail. All you need is to specify SMPT settings (i.e. sever name, port, password, etc.).

Tools- email notification

Custom Commands– this tool allows you to configure some commands, for example, shut down the computer after successful completion, etc. You should specify pre-command and post-command, work path and parameters.

Tools- Custom Commands

Offsite Copy– the created backups can be saved not only on the computer hard drive or external disks, but also uploaded to FTP server. In this section of the program you can configure and specify FTP settings, i.e. FTP address, port and so on.

Tools- offsite copy 2

File Exclusion– Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 allows you to exclude some files from the backup process, for example, TMP, PBD, etc. You have the possibility to enter manually any file extension, mask or path and exclude it.

Tools- File exclusion

Schedule– with the help of the program you can schedule the routine backup process and it will run at specified time defined by you and without your intervention. The program allows you to configure the schedule type (for example, daily, weekly or monthly), schedule time and backup method (i.e. full, incremental or differential).

schedule 2

Post-Backup Options– after completing the backup, it will be displayed on the main window of the program. Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 lets you edit some additional options and rules. You can edit backup types on the one hand and specify some additional advanced settings on the other hand, namely, Edit Plan (i.e. you can change before defined options), Image manager (it allows you to search for all backups and manually delete any of them) and Check Image (it allows you to check backups for errors).

Clone– with the help of Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 you can clone the hard disk, i.e. saying in other words, create an exact copy of it including the operating system, applications, files and folders. But why do we need to clone disks? There are several reasons for disk cloning; for example, your hard drive is too small and you want to replace it with a disk which has got a greater capacity or you have just bought a new SSD disk and wish to transfer the operating system to it, and so on.

clone 2

Tools– Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 has got some additional tools; they are as follows:

Check Image– with the help of this tool you can check the validity of the image, i.e. saying in other words; make sure that it is good and not corrupt or damaged.

check image 2

Create Emergency Disk– it is very important to have at hand an emergency disk to secure the operating system from failure. Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 allows you to create WinPE emergency disk or Linux emergency disk and then transfer it to the USB stick, burn to the CD or DVD disk or save as an ISO file.

emergency disk 1

Wipe Date– the program allows you to erase all data on the disk or partition; just select the number of erasing passes to be done and all information will be permanently wiped out and nobody will not be able to restore it even using the most advanced recovery applications.

Enable PreOS– this is an alternative method to boot the operating system if something goes wrong; it adds an Easeus boot menu at Windows startup and helps you to restore the unbootable system from the saved backup.

Mount / Unmount– this tool helps you to mount a backup image as a virtual drive, explore and copy its contents without restoring the whole image.

System Requirements

Window XP- Windows 10

500 MHz processor

At least 1 GB of RAM

What is new in version 8.6

Improve the function of system recovery and system clone on GPT drive

Better support for Windows 10.


Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 is a reliable backup and recovery application specially designed for home users. It allows them to create different backups, for example, system backup, mail backup, file backup, etc., and easily restore the system to the previous state in the event of the system failure.

In addition, the program offers a lot of other different tools such as Wipe disk, Bootable CD which greatly increase the program functionality.

Easeus Todo Backup Home 8.6 is a program for them who want keep their files in absolute security.

Product Homepage:


1. Different backup types- system, file, mail backup, etc.
2. Additional tools


The program supports only Outlook for mail backup

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