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Eltima USB Network Gate Review

Eltima USB Network Gate Review

by December 19, 2015

Eltima USB Network Gate Review

The Internet technologies have greatly simplified our everyday life and made it more mobile and faster. Now you can easily share your files with others using a lot of different online services, send letters and messages via mail clients or messengers, watch movies on the video portals, and so on.

But what about sharing your devices which are connected to the computer via USB ports, for example, printers, cameras, and so on? Can you share them with your friends, partners and relatives? Do not say “No!” Now you have the possibility to share them with others not leaving your home or office thanks to a very useful and handy application called Eltima USB Network Gate.

With the help of Eltima USB Network Gate you can connect to any USB device that is on a remote computer through Wi-Fi, local network or the Internet.

Thus, the program provides you with the key which allows you to open and use any removable device connected to remote computers on the one hand and share your own devices with others, on the other hand.

Of course, before using Eltima USB Network Gate you have to install it (you can easily obtain the program from the official Eltima website. It is not big; just about 5 MB in size. The trial version is fully functional for two weeks but it allows you to share only one USB device). No advanced computer skills are required from you to accomplish this very easy task successfully. The installation procedure does not differ from other Windows-based applications with the EXE extension and it is performed with the help of the step by step wizard which help you to install and configure all options and features.

At first you need to select the installation language. Fortunately, the program currently supports more than twenty languages including Spanish, French, English, German, etc., so you can choose the desired language and use it.

After that you will be greeted with the step by step setup wizard that will guide every your step during the installation.

After reading and accepting the license agreement, you have to select one of three installation types offered by the program, i.e. Typical Installation (this installation type allows you to install both server and client modules or only the client one), Client-only Installation (only the free client module of the program will be installed) and Custom Installation (during this installation type you have the possibility to customize some options, for example, you can change destination location, create program’s shortcut, etc.).

It should be noted that Eltima USB Network Gate is also available for iOS and Linux operating system, too. So, it gives you the possibility to share USB devices not only between Windows computers but also among those users who have got Linux and iOS operating system.

Installation 1

Installation 5

Installation 10

The first thing you will see after launching the program is its very easy to use and simply designed interface. The main window consists of four menu bar buttons which are located at the top of the program. They are as follows:

Share Devices- here you can find some commands which help you to perform different actions with your shared local USB devices, for example, share or unshare devices, and so on.

Connect Devices- with the help of this button you can add servers or devices, connect or disconnect them, etc.

View- this button opens options for displaying some info on the main window of the program, for example, show activity log or sharing limitations, display only shared devices and ports, and some others.

Help- this button provides you with some additional info about the program. You can access online manual, extend trial period, check for updates, and so forth.

The main window of the program is divided into two parts- Share Local USB devices (it displays all available shared USB devices connected to the computer and ready to be shared with other computers) and Remote USB devices (it displays a full list of remote USB devices that can be accessed from a client computer).


The main features of the program- Eltima USB Network Gate is a very handy and useful application which can be used both at the office and at home. After installing the program on your and any remote computer, you will be able to use USB devices freely and safely and share them with others via the Internet and local network.

Eltima USB Network Gate gives you access, for example, to your printer, scanner, webcam and any other USB devices which are connected to the computer. All that you need is to plug in a USB device and it will automatically appear on the remote computer and anyone will be able to use it as if it were connected to his own computer.

For effective use of the program, you need to install it on the computer to which USB devices are connected on the one hand and to the computer from which you want to use these devices on the other hand. According to that Eltima USB Network Gate is divided into two parts or tabs, namely, Server side and Client side. Thus, the server side allows you to share your USB devices and the client side dives you the possibility to connect to other computers and use their USB devices.

Share local USB devices- if you want to share USB devices connected to the server computer, you have to select the tab called Share local USB devices. You will find in this tab all your USB devices and available free ports. Fortunately, the program supports a huge variety of different devices, so it is almost impossible not to find any of them. Among the devices which the program currently supports I can name the following:

Equipment- printers, cameras, card readers, webcams, modems, scanners, and so on.

Communication- android devices, iPads, iPhones, keyboards, USB hard drives, etc.

Data Input / Output- Bluetooth, infrared, USB adapters, credit card readers, depth sensors, etc.

A full list of all supported devices you can find on the official Eltima website.

After selecting a desired device you want to share, you need to simply click on the ‘Share” button and it will be visible on the remote computer. But, before sharing any device, you have the possibility to customize some options and settings. Eltima USB Network Gate allows you to configure TCP (i.e. Transmission Control Protocol) and connect to a remote client by specifying its IP address or hostname; encrypt connection for the security reasons; compress traffic by enabling one of two compression methods offered by the program, i.e. best size compression or best speed compression; create an authorization password and optionally enter some device description.

In addition, the program allows you to see your activities and provides you with thorough info about sharing time, shared devices, ports, and so on. You can save these activity logs by using the right-click menu.

The program does not have any restriction on using a computer network; you have the possibility to share your devices and connect to them using LAN, WAN, VLAN, VPN and Internet.

Additionally, you can open access to your USB devices via Wi-Fi (there is no need to change any configuration) and connect them to virtual machines (the program supports all well-known applications, for example, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and so on.

Sharing Options 2

Remote USB devices- of course, Eltima USB Network Gate allows you to not only share your devices but also connect remote shared devices from a client computer. It is a very easy task to connect a remote computer. As a rule, the program will automatically display all shared devices which are available on the server computer. If devices are not automatically detected by the program, you can manually search for them; simply enter a hostname or IP address or specify the remote server IP or the TCP port of the shared USB device in the opened window. After adding devices and configuring all required options, you just need to click “Connect” and the program will connect USB devices on the server computer and you will be able to use them.

Eltima USB Network Gate also allows you to specify some additional options, for example, you have the possibility to enable a so called Callback connection (i.e. a connection with a client side from a server side) and RDP (short for Remote Desktop Connection) auto-connection (i.e. you can configure computer so that it will be able to detect USB devices automatically and immediately connect with them).

Connect 1

What is new in Eltima USB Network Gate 7.0?

New sharing option allowing remote clients to be disconnect from the shared USB device by other clients.

USB port location can be shown in device description for better identification of similar USB devices.

New Functions for OEM users.

Support for Allen-Bradley controllers by Rockwell.

The developers of the program also have improved a lot of other features, for example, support for USB Bluetooth adapters, compression methods, transfer speed for USB flash drives, and so on.

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10


Eltima USB Network Gate is a very handy and useful application for those users who want to connect any device which is connected to the computer via a USB port and share them over the Internet. With the help of the program you can connect to any USB device and use it, for example, scanners, printers, webcams, and so on.

Thanks to Eltima USB Network Gate you will never face any problems with USB devices because it allows you to access and manage any device plugged into remote computers. It does not matter where you are- at the office, at home or even in the foreign country; you will be always able to access and use, for example, your printers or scanners.


Very easy to use interface
Connect to or share any USB via the Internet



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