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Email Spam hits record low in over a decade, a report reveals

Email Spam hits record low in over a decade, a report reveals

by AshwinJuly 18, 2015

A new report by security and antivirus company, Symantec, reveals that Email Spam hits record low in over a decade, falling to 49.7%.


To be more precise, this is the first time that spam rate has fallen below 50%, since 2003, i.e., over twelve years ago.

The report is available in the form of a PDF which you can download from the link below.


While the drop in email spam seems like good news at first glance, it is not the case. According to Symantec, attackers are dropping spam, phishing and malicious emails to move on to to more modern ways to scam users.

In April this year, new malware types were 29.2 million in  number. This grew to an alarming 44.5 million malwares in May, and to 57.6 million in June. These numbers were mentioned in a Digital Trends article.

New types of attacks include ransomware, using which attackers extort money to unlock the devices they infected and took over. Ransomware attacks had reached a 12-month low back in April, but seems to be on the rise again. A whopping 477,000 ransomware attacks were reported in June.  Interestingly, this number is lower than the number of ransomwares from last year.

Users aren’t the only victims of attacks, other sector under barrage from attackers include Finance, Real Estate, Insurance, Professional and Manufacturing firms. You may also be aware that a security firm was recently attacked, and over 400GB of data was stolen from the company, no thanks to several critical vulnerabilities found in Adobe Flash.

Soon after this many firms have called for Adobe to end support for Flash, including Facebook’s Head of Security, and Mozilla, who went to the extent of blacklisting and blocking Adobe Flash Player by default in its browser, Firefox.

Coming back to spam, Google recently announced that it is rolling out improved spam filters for Gmail, and also introduced Postmaster Tools for mass email senders to help fight spam. These machine learning features, will reduce chances of good emails being lost in the spam folder, and also help in better analysis of spam emails, to prevent them landing in your inbox.

The Postmaster Tools will help newsletter publishers, to improve the quality of their emails, which will reduce the possibility of their emails being filtered as spam.

I would like to advise readers to always use a reputed Antivirus product, a modern browser like Firefox, Chrome or Edge, and also ensure that the operating system is fully patched with the latest updates. Never open emails or click on attachments unless you know the sender.