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Emsisoft Internet Security 10 Review

Emsisoft Internet Security 10 Review

by June 17, 2015

Emsisoft Internet Security 10 Review.

After installing a new operating system, the first question which immediately comes into user’s mind is how to protect the system against all security threats. At first sight, the answer seems very easy, i.e. the complete protection is achieved by means of an antivirus program. But it is very difficult to decide which antivirus to install and use because there is plenty of them.

I want to recommend Emsisoft Internet Security 10, it is a comprehensive antivirus product against all types of malware. The program offers modern and advanced technologies which are based on recent security researches and provides a thorough protection for your computer.

Download and Installation

The official version of the program can be easily obtained and downloaded from Emsisoft website. The installation EXE application is about 160 MB in size. It is multilingual and currently supports more than 20 languages. The trial version is fully functional and can be used without any restriction for 30 days. On expiry of the testing period the program will switch to the free mode scan, i.e. you will be able to scan the system for viruses but you will not be able to protect it from the new virus infections in real time. The current price of Emsisoft Internet Security 10 is relatively acceptable, it costs only $24.97 and valid for the installation on only one PC for one year.

The installation procedure of the program is very easy and includes some easy steps, they are as follows:

The first step – after running the installer you must read and accept the license agreement, i.e. so-called EULA.

Installation 1

The second step – the program will extract all program components to the Program Files folder.

The third step – in this step the program will offer to select your preferred license mode. Emsisoft provides you with three options: if you have got a valid license key, you can unlock the full version with it, but if you have not got purchased the key, you have the possibility to buy a new license key through the secure online payment website of the program on the one hand or test it for 30 days absolutely free of charge.

Installation 3

The fourth step – if you wish to join Emsisoft Anti-Malware network and send statistics to its online database, you can do that in this step. Anyway, you have the possibility to skip this step during the installation and activate this feature later through the program interface.

Installation 5

The fifth step – Before finishing the installation process, the program will download the latest updates and install them.

Installation 6

The sixth step – Emsisoft Internet Security 10 will offer you to enable PUP (i.e. Potentially Unwanted Programs) detections.

Installation 8

The seventh step – the last step. Congratulations! You are done! Now your entire system is protected by one of the most leading and advanced security application called Emsisoft Internet Security 10.

Installation 9

The Interface of the Program

The interface Emsisoft Internet Security 10 really pleases the eye due to well thought-out combination of blue, orange and white colors which looks superb without exaggeration. It is designed in so-called Windows metro style and consists of four tiles:

Interface- New

Protection –  contains all protection components of the program such as File Guard, Behavior Blocker, Firewall and Surf Protection.

Interface- Protection

Scan –  includes three different scan modes offered by the program, i.e. Quick Scan, Malware Scan and Custom Scan.

Interface- Scan

Quarantine – is a list of quarantined malicious items found by the program in this file.

Interface- quarantine

Logs – in this section there are log files where you can view all activities and actions carried out by Emsisoft Internet Security 10.

Interface- Logs

At the bottom of the window there are four small tiles through which you can view information about program’s updates and the license on the hand and get in touch with Emsisoft support team in the event of any problems or follow the program page on Facebook on the other hand.

The Main Features of the Program

Emsisoft Internet Security 10 is a comprehensive antivirus application against all types of viruses. It offers three-level protection, namely, Surf Protection, File Guard and Behavior Blocker and provides a constant and complete protection for your computer.

Protection Surf Protection – the Internet is a real treasury that supplies you with a lot of useful and necessary information nearly about everything; but, unfortunately, there is plenty of suspicious websites which distribute viruses and other malware and they can easily infect the computer and destroy its performance. With the help of the module Surf Protection, you have the possibility to block suspicious websites creating special rules. Emsisoft Internet Security 10 allows you to you to block those websites which distribute malware (i.e. viruses, adware, spyware, Trojans, and so on), phishing websites (i.e. those websites which use counterfeit or faked hosts to swindle passwords and confidential information of somebody illegally), PUP websites (i.e. those websites which spread potentially unwanted programs) and websites that are dangerous for your privacy.

Emsisoft Internet Security 10 lets you easily configure and add as many rules as you want for each malicious website, just enter a hostname or IP address and choose implemented action, i.e. Do not block, Alert, Block and notify and Block silently.

In addition, you have the possibility to import a host file and create rules for it.

The program displays a list of all hosts in the table which provides you with basic information about each host, i.e. you can view the name of the host, its mode, category, and date.

Surf Protection 1

Surf Protection- Add new Rule

Surf Protection- Import Hosts File

File Guard – this module constantly monitors all programs that you run in the operating system. It is the most essential component of the program for it checks all downloaded and running programs.

Emsisoft Internet Security 10 offers three different scan levels: Fast (during this scan mode only active programs and processes are scanned for malware, all other inactive processes are not detected and disinfected), Balanced (it is a default scan mode of Emsisoft Internet Security 10 and it is recommended for most cases, it scans all files that are downloaded and copied to the computer) and Thorough (the most complete scan mode, all files and processes are thoroughly scanned for malware).

The program allows you to perform four actions on the detection of malware and potentially unwanted programs. You have got four options how to get notifications from the program – Alert, Quarantine silently, Quarantine with notification and No detection. It is up to you to select the most needed option which meets all your requirements.

With the help of the program you can specify those files which you want to be scanned by entering the name of the file extension and click Add. Emsisoft Internet Security 10 will check and search only for those files you have specified, for example, PDF, EXE, etc.

All detected malicious objects can be automatically sent as notifications to the mailbox. If you need this feature of the program, you can easily configure it by specifying sender’s and recipient’s address, SMTP server, port, etc.

File Guard 1

File Guard- Extensions

Behavior Blocker – every day a lot of unknown viruses and malicious applications are created and distributed through the Internet. Just for this purpose Emsisoft Internet Security 10 has got a specific module called Behavior Blocker which uses cloud-based technologies for detecting unknown and malicious threats and  protects you from them constantly monitoring their behavior and impact on the system. After analyzing all applications and processes, the program displays a list of suspicious actions. You have got several options to deal with them; you can quarantine a program and process, open file location, view file properties, look up online for more information or create a rule for the process and application.

Thanks to innovative and advanced technologies Emsisoft Internet Security 10 will never miss any malicious process and you will be always safe from any threats.

Behaviour blocker

Application Rules – the program lets you configure and define some rules for any running applications on the computer. You can permanently block the application or monitor it and allow some of the activities and block others, for example, you have the possibility to block backdoor or spyware related activity, and so on.

Application Rule- Add New Rule 2

Application Rules

Firewall – Emsisoft Internet Security 10 includes a very reliable and powerful firewall which is designed to protect users from Internet attacks and threats. It is very to use and highly configurable. You can configure the basic firewall rules and settings and keep the system free from any online threats. The program allows you to create a firewall rule for any application: just specify its name, the desired action (i.e. allow or block), direction, protocol, ports, and addresses.

In addition, with the help of the program configure the automatic creation of rules for programs, for example, allow all incoming or outcoming connections of trustworthy programs, block the execution of unknown applications, etc.

Emsisoft Internet Security 10 lets you manage networks categorize any connections as private or public network, and so on.


Firewall- Manage Networks

Firewall- advanced settings

Scan – Emsisoft Internet Security 10 allows you to scan the system for viruses and safely disinfect them both manually and automatically. The program offers the following manual scan types: Quick Scan (it scans the system only for active programs and malware traces, it is recommended when you are sure that the computer is relatively clean), Malware Scan (this scan type lets you perform a search for all types of malware and thoroughly analyzes all places of the system) and Custom Scan (you have the possibility to configure the desired scan settings which are the most necessary for you).

You can specify when and what type of scan to perform. The program allows you to scan the computer at specified time daily, weekly and monthly or at computer startup, etc., and select those scan types which are offered by the program, for example, Malware scan.

In addition, you are able to define performance settings, i.e. how many processors to use for scan, configure thread priority (for example, Idle, Low, etc.) and those file extensions that you want to be scanned and ignore all others, and so on.

Quick Scan

Scan now- Performance Settings

Scheduled Scan- What

Scheduled scan- When

Quarantine – this is the most secure and the safest place of the program because it keeps all suspicious and dangerous files away from the system. Emsisoft Internet Security 10 displays a full list of all quarantined items and provides you with detailed and thorough information about their source, detection, risk level, etc. You can easily manage those malicious items, for example, delete or restore items, submit them to Emsisoft analysis team or save as a text file, etc.

Logs – logs are very important part of the program that allows you to trace and view all actions performed by Emsisoft Internet Security 10. You have the possibility to view records of Surf Protection, File Guard, Firewall actions, etc.

Settings – with the help of the Settings menu you can configure the behavior of all components of the program, for example, in the general settings you can enable real-time protection at startup, activate explorer integration, etc. In the Permissions Tab create a strong password and restrict access to some program features, and so on.

System Requirements

Windows XP – Windows 8/8.1

At least 1 GB of RAM


Emsisoft Internet Security 10 is really a very good antivirus product. Thanks to advanced detecting algorithms, it provides a reliable and complete protection of all system components both manually and automatically. It includes complete protection against Internet and other threats, thoroughly searches for any types of malware and permanently disinfects them. It has a very intuitive and easy to use interface which allows you to perform any action easily.

In conclusion, I would like to say the following: Just try it and your system will be permanently secured and protected.


1. Three-level real-time protection from virus infections
2. Powerful scanner which detects and disinfects any kind of viruses
3. Reliable firewall
4. Intelligent analysis of program behavior on the system based on the latest cloud technologies


In my opinion, the program lacks nothing; it is simply perfect

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