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Emsisoft Internet Security Review

Emsisoft Internet Security Review

by December 16, 2015

Emsisoft Internet Security Review

This is out of question that every computer must be equipped with a reliable and good antivirus application because a huge number of malicious viruses are created by hackers every day and they can easily infect your PC and destroy all your files and documents. Viruses can penetrate into the computer in several ways, for example, you may get it through an USB stick, from malicious websites, via an email message, and so on. It goes without saying that all these vulnerability holes must be thoroughly filled in. A reliable antivirus application is just that vulnerability “filler” that helps you to protect your computer from any kind of viruses.

Emsisoft Internet Security provides you with full security; no matter what you do on the computer. It will disinfect and neutralize everything that is dangerous and harmful for your PC, for example, hacker attacks, malicious websites, mail spam, and so on.

The new version of the program can be downloaded from the official Emsisoft website. The installer is about 200 MB in size and available in more than 30 languages. The trial version is fully functional for thirty days, so you can try all its features before buying it.

Antiviruses are specific products; they must be correctly configured to achieve the maximum computer protection; so their installation is very important because you have the possibility to select those parameters and protection modules which meet your requirements and needs.

The installation procedure of Emsisoft Internet Security is not difficult; it is performed with the help of the special step by step wizard which helps you to configure all its options and settings.

After accepting the license agreement and installing all program’s components, you have to configure and customize all required options needed for the proper functionality of this software application; it includes three easy steps.

In the first step you must select the preferred license model, namely, unlock the full version by entering the license key (of course, if you have got it), buy it using the secure online payment page (if you have not bought the program yet), or test it for 30 days.

In the second step you can join the Emsisoft Anti-malware network and submit anonymous statistics about using the program and download the latest updates.

In the third step you have the possibility to enable PUP detections, i.e. activate the detection of potentially unwanted programs.

That is all for now. Emsisoft Internet Security is ready to protect your computer.

Installation 4

Installation 5

Installation 8

Installation 9

Interface- the interface of the program has not been changed by the developer; it is still very convenient and easy to use and navigate.

At the top of the program there are six buttons, namely, Overview, Protection, Scan, Quarantine, Logs and Settings, which provide access to the main functions and tools.

Overview- this section contains four tiles (Protection, Scan, Quarantine and Logs) which allow you to get quick access to the main tools of the program. Here you can also obtain info about the current protection status of your PC, updates and version on the one hand and get support from the Emsisoft team on the other hand.

Protection- all the protection modules are collected in this section, i.e. Applications rules, Surf protection, File guard, Behaviour blocker and Firewall.

Scan- all available scan methods offered by the program can be found in this section.

Quarantine- here you are allowed to view and perform different actions with suspicious and malicious files quarantined by the program.

Logs- all actions performed by the program, for example, updates, scans, etc., are located here.

Settings- this section contains various settings of the program and allows you to change or modify some rules and options.

Interface- main

Protection-Emsisoft Internet Security is a universal and advanced all in one application which gives you a comprehensive, efficient and easy to use protection against viruses and other malware thanks to using two antivirus engines- Bitdefender and Emsisoft. It includes everything for protecting your computer, i.e. Applications Rules (it allows you to define some protection rules for your installed applications), Surf Protection (it protects you from malicious websites while you are browsing the Internet), File Guard (in this section you can configure rules and actions for protecting your files and the entire computer against viruses), Behavior Blocker (this tool allows you to monitor each application on the computer and define some specified rules for them) and Firewall (with the help of the firewall you can manage and edit all incoming and outgoing connections).

Application Rules- as a rule, each computer user has got at least several applications installed on the computer. With the help of this protection module you have the possibility to monitor and manage every installed application running on your PC by setting up and defining some specific rules. All you need is to add executable files to the program for monitoring. You can allow the activity of any application or customize it by editing their behavior and incoming and outgoing firewall rules. For example, you can allow or block backdoor, spyware or worm related activities, etc., block or allow all incoming and outgoing connections, and so on. This protection module is really of use because it allows you to control every application and block their suspicious activity effectively before they infect the entire system.

Application Rules 1

Application Rules 2

Surf Protection- this application is specially designed to protect your activity on the Internet and provides you with an additional layer of protection. With the help of it you can effectively block those websites which are engaged in distribution of malware and potentially unwanted programs, involved in phishing and used for advertising or tracking purposes. Emsisoft Internet Security offers some options for each hosts, for example, you can block websites or, on the contrary, unblock them, and so on. The program also allows you to set some rules for each website manually; simply enter a hostname or IP address and specify a desired implemented action, for example, Block and Notify.

Protection- Surf Protection

Surf Protection 2

File Guard- Emsisoft Internet Security constantly monitors every file on the computer. File Guard module allows you to set up some rules for protecting your files, for example, you have the possibility to select the desired Scan Level (the program offers the following scan levels- Fast- it scans files when they are started; Balanced- it scans files when they are modified; and Thorough- it scans files when they are read); specify actions on malware or PUP detections (offered options are- Quarantine with notifications, Quarantine silently and Alert) and edit those files which you want to be or not to be scanned by the program (in the new opened window, you have the possibility to add any file extension to be scanned or, on the contrary, remove any unneeded one).

In addition, you can configure your email client and send email notifications if malware is detected.

File Guard 1

File Guard 2

Behavior Blocker- with the help of this module you can monitor all running processes on the computer; more than that, you can not only monitor each process but also create rules for them. Emsisoft Internet Security allows you to block untrusted processes or define customized rules for them, for example, you can allow or block those processes which change the host file or browser settings, modify autorun entries, and so on.

Behavior Blocker 2

Firewall- it is needless to say that the firewall plays an important role in the computer protection. Emsisoft Internet Security includes a highly configurable, easy to use and comprehensive firewall which allows you to manage and edit networks, incoming and outgoing connections, protocols and ports.

Firewall 1

Firewall 2

Firewall 3

Scan- even if your computer performance is fine, it does not mean that the system is not infected with viruses. Some viruses do not reveal themselves and silently spread out malicious codes all over the system unknown to you. Therefore, it is highly recommended to run the system scan for viruses from time to time.

Emsisoft Internet Security offers the full arsenal of different scan types which allow you to protect the system against any kind of invisible viruses and effectively disinfect them. The program includes the following scan types- Quick Scan, Malware Scan, Custom Scan and Scheduled Scan.

Quick Scan- this scan type allows you to check for viruses only active processes and malware traces on the computer. The scan takes seconds because the program does not analyze the entire system.

Malware Scan- during this scan type the program performs thorough and complete analysis of the system. All areas of the computer are fully scanned for malware. The main advantage of Emsisoft Internet Security is that unlike other antivirus applications, the scan duration is not long and takes only several minutes.

Custom Scan- thanks to this scan type you do not need to analyze the entire system; it allows you to configure scan objects and settings and manually set preferable scan priorities. For example, you have the possibility to select the desired disk, file or folder for scanning, scan or not to scan for active rootkits, malware or malware traces.

In addition, the program lets you customize some scan settings, namely, detection of potentially unwanted programs, scan in compressed archives and NTFS alternate data streams. You can also exclude some file extensions from the scan by removing them from the list, or, on the contrary, manually add those file types which you want to be scanned for viruses.

Configured and selected preferences can be saved and you will be able to load and use it next time without configuring scan settings again.

Scheduled Scan- the main advantage of this scan type is that you can configure the desired scan parameters and run scans of the system at desired time automatically. Emsisoft Internet Security allows you to select what to scan and when to scan the computer. You have the possibility to specify the desired scan type (I.e. Quick, Malware or Custom), time (for example, every hour, daily, weekly, monthly or after online update) and some advanced settings (for example, update before scanning, scan silently, etc.)

Emsisoft Internet Security also allows you to configure some scan settings, i.e. Performance Settings (for example, the number of threads and thread priority used during the scan, etc.), Whitelist (i.e. items that you want to exclude from scans) and actions on Scan Completion (for example, quarantine detected objects or shut down the computer).

Scan- main

Quick scan 1

Scheduled Scan- What

Scheduled Scan- When

Quarantine- this is the most secure and the safest place of the program because it keeps all suspicious and dangerous files away from the system. Emsisoft Internet Security 10 displays a full list of all quarantined items and provides you with detailed and thorough information about their source, detection, risk level, etc. You can easily manage those malicious items, for example, delete or restore items, submit them to Emsisoft analysis team or save as a text file, etc.

Logs- logs are very important part of the program; it allows you to trace and view all actions performed by Emsisoft Internet Security. You have the possibility to view records of Surf Protection, File Guard, Firewall actions, etc.

Settings- it is needless to say that it is very important to configure your antivirus application correctly for achieving maximum computer protection. In the Settings section of Emsisoft Internet Security you can effectively manage all rules and preferences. The program allows you to configure General, Privacy, Update, Notification, Permission and License settings.

In the General section you have the possibility to specify Guard Settings (i.e. you can enable or disable real-time protection, activate memory usage optimization, etc.), Explorer Integration (i.e. you can integrate the program into the Windows context menu and scan files and folders without opening the program with just right clicks of the mouse), Language (i.e. select one of offered interface languages) and some others.

Privacy- here you have the possibility to submit information about detected malware, crash and usage reports, etc. to the Emsisoft Anti-malware network.

Update- updates are very important for proper functionality of your antivirus. By default all new available updates are downloaded and installed by the program automatically but you can change their time frame and update the program, for example, once a day at specified time.

Notifications- here you can manage notification popups, for example, software or signature update notifications, and so on.

Permissions- for protecting the program against unauthorized use and modifications, it is recommended to lock it with a strong password. Emsisoft Internet Security allows you to set a password.

Here you can also configure allowed actions, for example, you can enable or disable file guard, surf protection, and so on.

What is new in Emsisoft Internet Security?

Detection of zombies (aka abused script parsers and host processes).

Improved behavior-based detection of ransomware.

Smarter and quitter protection than ever.

Improved rollout for business customers.

Enhanced firewall protection.

Protection from new threats.

Support for the Greek language.

System Requirements

Windows 7- Windows 10


200 MB of free disk space.


I think that it is not enough to have got simply an antivirus application; you must to have a reliable and powerful antivirus. Emsisoft Internet Security is rightly considered as one of the best security program on the software market. It includes everything that you need for the protection of the computer- two advanced antivirus engines, different scan methods and plenty of protection modules which help you to keep your PC free from viruses and other malicious files.

Emsisoft Internet Security is a right choice for those who want to have an all in one application that gives them protection, protection and nothing but protection.


1. Two advanced engines to protect the computer from any malware.
2. A lot of protection modules.
3. Reliable firewall.



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