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Evernote to end support for Skitch, Clearly extensions for Windows on January 22nd

Evernote to end support for Skitch, Clearly extensions for Windows on January 22nd

by AshwinDecember 18, 2015

Popular note taking service, Evernote, has announced some major news.

Evernote Skitch

And it’s not good news I am afraid.

Evernote says it will be killing three of its popular apps.

The apps which are being killed are Skitch, Evernote Clearly and Evernote for Pebble. The latter is an app for the Pebble smartwatch.

Evernote Skitch:

Skitch is an annotation app, which allows you to take screenshots and edit them and then share them.

Evernote is only killing Skitch for Windows, Windows Touch, iOS, Android platforms. It will still continuing to support the app for Mac OS X, but it is unclear why the exclusive support has been announced.

If you are looking for an alternative to Evernote Skitch, we have you covered. You can use the Evernote for Windows app, or if you totally want to move away from the service, there are built in options in Microsoft’s operating systems.

Windows 7 (and above) users can make use of the Snipping Tool,  Windows 10 users can use the built in annotation option in Microsoft Edge, or the free standalone app Snip

Evernote Clearly:

Clearly is a browser add-on (extension) available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The app allows you to read web pages without any distractions, aka ads/sidebars, etc. Enabling this mode will remove everything but the content of the article you are reading. As an added advantage, Clearly can also save these aticles to your Evernote account.

Clearly has a great replacement in the form of Web Clipper, another of Evernote’s products, which allows you to clip web pages and save them for reading later.

If that isn’t your cup of tea, there are some excellent alternatives to Clearly, right in your browser. Firefox and Microsoft Edge have built-in reader view/reading view. And you can always use services like Pocket, to save articles on the cloud and read them later.

End of support date:

Evernote will be ending support for Skitch, Clearly extensions for Windows on January 22nd 2016, after which it will not update the apps or offer them for download, so you better save a copy of these. But the company says the apps will continue to work beyond the deadline for some time, but it also warns that these may be broken by updates to the operating system.

Evernote says that it will be making some big changes to its app in 2016. This appears to be a huge hint that it may be incorporating Clearly/Skitch like features right into the Evernote app.