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F-Secure Freedome Protection Log beta test registrations now open

F-Secure Freedome Protection Log beta test registrations now open

by AshwinJuly 6, 2015

Finnish Security firm, F-Secure, famed for their Antivirus software, has announced the launch of a new beta programme.


The Beta Test is for a new feature called the Freedome Protection Log.

If you aren’t familiar with F-Secure Freedome, let me explain. It is a premium VPN service from the company.
Normally, when you visit a website, the page stores some information in your browser. These are called cookies, and are used to save your login information, the website’s settings, the pages you visit, and other activities.

Browser cookies are mostly harmless, and are essential to use most web services. They are mostly used to served online advertisements on webpages. But sometimes cookies are used for tracking users, and by attackers for some malicious purposes as well.

This puts the user’s privacy ar great risk, the result of which includes data theft and identity theft. Users connect to VPNs to avoid such issues. VPNs also provide anonymity and adds a layer of privacy and security. F-Secure’s Freedome VPNĀ  takes this security one step further, and blocks a lot of malicious websites automatically.

F-Secure Freedome Protection Log:

This is a new feature will be released next month. It will provide users with some advanced data about their browsing sessions.

The F-Secure Freedom Protection Log has been designed to give users a visual map of the content blocked by Freedome. The information will be displayed in real-time, i.e, as and when it happens. It will display information about the tracjing websites as well as the malicious ones, which are blocked by Freedome.

F-Secure says Protection Log is just an early name, and that it cou;d be changed in the future. The company is asking for suggestions from beta testers, for a final name.

The Protection Log Beta Test will begin for Windows and Mac in August, and registrations for the two platforms are open now. The feature will also be available for Android and iOS platforms as well.

Here is a list of the platforms which F-Secure Freedome Protection Log will support:

  • Android phones and tablets using Android 4.0.3 or later
  • iPhones and iPads using iOS 7 or iOS 8
  • PCs with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • Macs with OSX 10.9 or newer

You can join the F-Secure Freedome Protection Log beta test at the official website.

As a reward for beta testing the service, F-Secure will give away Freedome hoodies to the most active participants, and free Freedome subscription for 3 months.