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Facebook Instant Articles officially launched, will allow publishers to host content in the News Feed

Facebook Instant Articles officially launched, will allow publishers to host content in the News Feed

by AshwinMay 13, 2015

Last week, we reported that Facebook would be partnering with news companies to bring full news articles, videos to its website’s News Feed.


Today, the company has officially announced Facebook Instant Articles.

Facebook Instant Articles load much faster than regular content. According to the social network it takes 8 seconds to load stories that people share on the website. Instant Articles load ten times faster, than those standard mobile web articles.

Facebook Instant Articles officially launched:

Facebook has partnered with nine companies to host content for Instant Articles:


  1. The New York Times
  2. National Geographic
  3. BuzzFeed
  4. NBC
  5. The Atlantic
  6. The Guardian
  7. BBC News
  8. Spiegel and
  9. Bild.

These companies will be able to sell their advertisements directly in their own news articles. Doing so will give them 100% of the revenue from the ads, but if Facebook is the seller, it will retain 30% of the revenue, reports Techcrunch.

Instant Articles will be displayed just like any other shared article on Facebook, but the Instant Article will be displayed just like it is on the publisher’s website, including the fonts and layouts. Facebook’s News Feed sorting algorithm just because of their format. However, if users interact with it (click, comment,share it), Facebook Articles will be displayed higher up in the News Feed.

The actual intent is not just monetization alone, but also to prevent users from leaving Facebook, to read articels on other websites.

Facebook Instant Articles begins rolling out today, with one article from each of the publishers: US users will be able to see an article each from The New York Times, The Atlantic, NBC, National Geographic, and BuzzFeed. UK users will get an article from The Guardian and BBC News, while Germany will see articles from Spiegel and Bild in Germany.

The posts will reportedly be available only to iPhone users, but could also appear for Android devices soon. However, Facebook is allowing Android, Desktop, and Mobile Web users to access Instant Articles too. The Instant Articles will be posted at a special webpage on Facebook. The Instant Articles page will display the news content in the format used by the publishers.

It is disappointing that the feature isn’t available globally, and it is unclear if it could be rolled out globally. If you look at the list of partners, and the available articles today, you will notice that not all content is available in all regions. So, it is possible that Facebook could partner with regional news companies in each Country to deliver Instant Articles.