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Facebook is testing Floating Videos, which you can watch while scrolling the News Feed

Facebook is testing Floating Videos, which you can watch while scrolling the News Feed

by AshwinJuly 8, 2015

Facebook is testing a new feature, and thankfully this time isn’t messing around which posts appear in the NewsFeeed.


Well at least not directly.

Mark Zuckerberg famously said last year that, by 2019, Facebook will be “mostly video”. At the rate its Video service is performing, that dream could well become a reality.

As you may be aware, Facebook Videos are becoming incredibly popular. Back in April this year, the social network announced that its users were watching 4 billion videos a day on its website. That is a huge improvement when compared to the number it reported in January, which was 3 billion, and four times of what it reported last year, in September 2014. This pits Facebook up against the biggest video sharing website in the world, YouTube.

And now, the social network has decided to crank it up a notch. TheNextWeb reports that, in a bid to promote videos even further, the network has added Floating Videos to its website. Now don’t get confused by the name, videos aren’t going to float around on your browser when you log in.

Rather, Facebook Videos now have a new button. You can see that in the above image. It kind of looks like a small window inside a bigger one. Clicking on this button, will launch a small pop-up window, right inside the Facebook tab of your browser.

This will allow you to watch the video, while scrolling down your news feed. Because it saves time, apparently.

This pop-up window, can be dragged around anywhere you want, inside the tab obviously. However, if you navigate away from the page, the video pop-up closes automatically.

Floating Videos are only available for Desktops at the moment, button for desktop. The button for it, can be found in between the video player’s HD and Expand buttons.  The Floating Video can be paused, and played while you navigate your News Feeed. It also allows you to Like the Video, or even Share it on your wall.

Actually, this “Floating Video” isn’t a new feature for video services. Digital Trends, reports that YouTube added this for mobiles a couple of years ago, and so did Tumblr for desktops, last October. Naturally, Facebook did not want to stay behind its rivals.

The Floating Video button is apparently already available to many users, but it isn’t available for me yet. So, it is possible that Facebook could be rolling it out gradually to all accounts, in phases.