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Facebook is testing See First, which puts posts from your favorite pages and friends on top of the News Feed

Facebook is testing See First, which puts posts from your favorite pages and friends on top of the News Feed

by AshwinJune 19, 2015

Facebook is testing See First, a new feature for your News Feed.


They just can’t stop messing with it, can they?

Last month, Facebook began testing a new feature which changed the way News Feed displays posts. It began placing important posts from your friends them on the top of your feed. This meant that pages, and stories on which your friends commented on, would be displayed lower down in the News Feed.

Recently, Facebook announced that it would improve the News Feed by observing the time you spend on reading news content.

Facebook’s new See First feature will be available as an option which you can toggle. But it won’t be available from your Settings page. The feature will be available from your friend’s page. You just have to visit it, and then select the “See First” option. The option will also be available in Facebook pages too.

Why is Facebook bringing See First? And how does See First work?

See First prioritizes your friend’s post, which will then appear on the top of your News Feed, so you will “Never miss a post”. I will explain it below.


As I mentioned earlier, last month the Social Network began displaying relevant content on top of the News Feed. This move affected pages, as their content was pushed further down in the News Feed. And you do not have control over the order in which the content is displayed in your feed.

See First will however give you some control over this. By enabling See First on a page or a friends page, you will be able to choose which posts appear First.

This isn’t actually a new feature, the social network did offer sliders which let you choose how much of a content type, you wished to see (Photos, relationship statuses, etc). However it was phased out eventually, as users found it to be clunky and less useful. Then it introduced Unfollow, an option to hide content friends, but without the need to Unfriend the person.

So, in a way, See First kind of does the opposite of Unfollow, and you will now see more of your favorite content.

TechCrunch reached out to Facebook about See First, and this is what a spokesperson said:

 “We are always exploring new ways to improve the Facebook experience, and are currently running a small test of a feature that lets you indicate that you’d like to see posts from a specific person or Page at the top of your News Feed.”

If you head over to your friend’s page or any page on Facebook you will only find options for Friend or follow and unfollow, set as “Close Friend”, and a few older options like “I don’t want to see this”. See First is not available as of yet.