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Facebook is working on a music streaming service, which is apparently advanced than YouTube

Facebook is working on a music streaming service, which is apparently advanced than YouTube

by AshwinJuly 9, 2015

Facebook is apparently working on a Music Streaming Service.


Yesterday, we told you about how Facebook is testing a new Floating Video Player.

The small pop-up player is only available for Desktop users, and will allow them to drag the Floating Window around to anywhere within the browser tab. This will allow users to watch the video and browse the Nes Feed at the same time.

Facebook is moving towards videos a lot, and even its CEO, Zuckerberg, had said that the social network will became all video by 2019.

And now, a report says that Facebook has a music streaming service in its plans. Because, why not? According to the report, the social network was already planning on launching ad-supported music videos, on its website.

But it will soon be followed by its Music Streaming Service. It is reportedly in talks with rights-holders to pay royalties for the similar to “YouTube Music” service, for which Facebook will offer to match the sum offered by the Mountain View Company. Additionally, the social network is also working on a Content ID system, again like YouTube’s to protect the content of uploaders (copyright)

One of Music Ally‘s sources says that,

“On Facebook’s move into monetised video, all of us could see it coming for months, We have all been really utilising it in internal testing. It is way, way ahead of YouTube.”

While that does sound a bit far-fetched, it could bear some weight. Facebook announced a few months ago that its users were watching 4 Billion videos on its website every day. Now, the number could be more in July. The point is YouTube should definitely watch out, if it wants to retain its crown for the “number 1 video sharing service”.

The Music streaming industry already has some serious heavyweights like Spotify, Rdio, Google Play Music, and more recently, Apple Music. The report also points out that Facebook could be eying an acquisition of an existing music streaming service like Spotify or Rdio. This actually makes sense, as Facebook acquiring an existing service could also mean that it will retain its existing user base, and also use it to attract new users.

There is no word yet, as to when Facebook Music, if we can call it that, will be launched.

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