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Facebook News Feed test feature to prioritize content from friends begins rolling out

Facebook News Feed test feature to prioritize content from friends begins rolling out

by AshwinMay 7, 2015

Facebook is planning to roll out a new feature, aimed at delivering important content on top of your news feed.


It will display posts from your Friends, while pushing down content from pages lower down in the feed.

This will help the user to remove the clutter from pages a user has liked, and instead deliver a better reading experience. We reported about this last month extensively in an article. The social networking website thinks this will improve user interaction, and make users spend more time on the website.

A couple of days ago, Facebook was reported to be in talks news companies to deliver their full news articles and videos, on the social network’s website. Again, the idea is to make users linger around for a longer duration.

And now it appears that the Facebook news feed test has begun rolling out to some users, allowing them to put posts from friends on top of their news feed. It isn’t available for all users though. A report by Social Times reveals that only some users have been lucky enough to get the feature. And that isn’t on the web version of Facebook, but in a mobile app.

Some users with the Facebook app got a box which prompted the user to opt-in to the feature being tested. A message in the box read: “See more of what you love.” (refer to the first image in this article)

Opting in to the feature, brings up a screen with bubbles of all the users friends, and pages the user has liked. Users will then be able to select which friends and pages they would like to prioritize, and display content from them on top of the feed.

From there, it leads to a screen (below) with bubbles of all of the friends and pages with whom that person has connected. People can select which pages and friends they’d like prioritized above the algorithm.

Here is what the opt-in page for the Facebook news feed test looks like:


Facebook officially confirmed that it was testing the feature. Here is what it said:

“We are always exploring new ways to improve the Facebook experience, and are currently running a small test of a feature that lets you indicate that you’d like to see posts from a specific person or Page at the top of your News Feed.”

Not much is known about the feature at the moment, and there is no word on when the Facebook news feed test will roll out to all users, and to the web version of Facebook.