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Facebook News Feed to rank videos based on user actions

Facebook News Feed to rank videos based on user actions

by AshwinJune 30, 2015

Facebook has announced that it is improving the News Feed, yet again.

Over the past two months the social network has introduced several changes in the way stories are displayed.

Initially in May 2015, Facebook began to highlight status updates from friends on the top of the News Feed. This meant that pages that a friend likes, or comments on stories which they like will not be displayed on top of the feed, and will instead be moved lower down in the feed.

Then later in the same month, the social network announced that it would begin displaying Instant Articles in the News Feed. So, it partnered with several news companies, to allow them to post news articles directly on Facebook, thus ensuring that the user does not navigate away from its website.

Earlier this month, Facebook revealed that it is observing the time that a user spends to view an article. This is done by detecting the amount of time spent on a part of the page, without scrolling away. It is using this method to find out which posts are important, and rank them to be displayed further up in the News Feed. Posts which a user does not spend time on will be displayed lower down in the Feed.

According to Facebook’s findings, when users finds an interesting post, and they spend some time reading it, even if they don’t comment on it, or like it or share it. Similarly, Facebook will now observe what kind of videos a user likes, and rank them to be displayed higher up in the News Feed.

Here is how it will work:

When users turn up the sound in a video, or switch it to full screen, or enable High Definition, they do so to watch the video in a better quality. Facebook will take this in to account and also observe, if a user has watched the video, and how long he/she watched it for.

It will then use this data, to display more videos higher up in the News Feed for people who watch videos. But if a user watches fewer videos, the social network will display videos lower down in the News Feed.

Recently, Facebook  was found to be testing a new feature called “See First“, which is an option available on Friend’s profiles or Pages they have liked. Enabling this option, will display content from the page on top of the News Feed.