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Facebook releases a Security Checkup tool to enhance the safety of user accounts

Facebook releases a Security Checkup tool to enhance the safety of user accounts

by AshwinAugust 3, 2015

Facebook is rolling out a new feature for its website, and thankfully it is not “yet another change to the News Feed”. [Insert silent hurrah here].


The new option is a tool called Security Checkup.

Firstly, it is not a replacement for the Facebook account’s settings.  The tool’s purpose is to enhance the safety of user accounts, and quite frankly it is a welcome move, in this day of digital attacks and vulnerabilities.

Facebook says that “Security Checkup” will appear on top of the news feed. The tool consists of three steps.

  1. Logout from Apps
  2. Login Alerts
  3. Password Check

Logout from apps – This step as the name suggests, lets you logout from all apps on all devices which you have logged in to using your Facebook account.By doing this, you can ensure that no app is harvesting your data, especially the ones which you may not have used for a long time. You can also review logins manually (similar to Twitter’s Apps settings). By default, it will log you out off your accounts from apps which you haven’t used for over a month.


It could also be useful when your device is stolen, this way, you could at least make sure your account is safe.

Login Alerts – This feature, when enabled will send you notifications, whenever someone tries to login to your account. You will be sent an alert to the registered email address and also a Facebook Notification as well.


You can also disable Login Alerts should you wish to do so.

Password Check – Analyses the strength of your Facebook password,  and also displays a few tips about how to keep your password secure.


I think that the Facebook Security Checkup, looks and works very similarly to the Google Security Hub, which the Mountain View company rolled out back in June this year. Nevertheless, it will play an important role in reducing identity thefts and break-ins to accounts.

You can watch a video of these security features over at the Facebook announcement page. Facebook Security Checkup was originally released last week, and is already available for desktop users around the world. You can manually run “Security Checkup” from this page on Facebook.

In a few weeks, the checkup will manually appear when you login, and you can choose to run it or postpone it for later.

However, mobile users will need to wait for a bit longer, as Facebook is expected to roll out the Security Checkup feature for mobile apps soon.