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Facebook rolls out new preferences which gives you some control of your News Feed

Facebook rolls out new preferences which gives you some control of your News Feed

by AshwinJuly 9, 2015

Facebook is doing it again, the social network is changing how the News Feed works.



But this time, it is giving more control to the user.

First of all, these features are not available for PC users just yet. So let’s take a look at the changes it introduced over the last couple of months, to display the most important stories on top of the Feed.

Initially the social network updated the News Feed, to put only posts from friends on top of the feed while content from pages were pushed lower down. Then, it introduced Instant Articles, which are news stories directly published on Facebook, by various News Publishing companies.

More recently, Facebook announced it would be ranking stories, by observing the time a user spends on a story without scrolling away to another part of the News Feed. Such articles will now be displayed on top of the News Feed. Similarly, it began ranking videos as well, based on the actions a user takes, like switching to HD, Full Screen and more.

The social network also added an option, to display a friend’s status updates or a Page’s content, on top of the Feed, by adding a See First option on Pages and Profiles. Enabling this will put the content from the selected Friend or Page, on top of your News Feed.

Facebook announced today, that it is adding some new preferences for the News Feed, which users can enable to slightly change the way how the above mentioned features work.

See First – This option has been officially added to all profiles and Pages.

Discover New Pages – This option, as the name suggests will help you find pages of publishers, artists and business you may be interested in, and list them for you to follow. This is based on the Pages which you have Liked already.

Unfollow friends and pages – If you don’t like content posted by your friend or a Page, you can simply unfollow them, without actually un-friending them.

Re-follow people you have followed – You can always follow people whom you have unfollowed, but it may be a hassle to find their Pages if you forgot them. Fortunately Facebook now lists people you have unfollowed in the past, and lets you re-follow them.

The latest News Feed options are currently being rolling out to iOS devices, but will roll out to Android devices and Desktops in the coming weeks.

On a sidenote, Facebook has begun testing Floating Videos, and is also reported to be preparing to launch a Music streaming service.