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Facebook Search will now display results from all public posts

Facebook Search will now display results from all public posts

by AshwinOctober 23, 2015

Facebook has always been kind of like the cat on the wall, when it comes to user privacy.


The general opinion is that it lacks some much needed privacy options, but I do find that it does have some privacy, if you dig deep into the web app’s settings section.

But privacy is one word, that you can forget now, at least on Facebook. The social network has taken its first steps into the land of Online Search. Granted that it is a bit of a surprise, as to why Facebook is doing this, but the message intended couldn’t be more clear.

By stepping into the murky waters of Search, Facebook is taking a swipe at Google, and quite possibly Twitter. The Mountain View company remains the undisputed champion when it comes to Search, and the latter, is considered as one of the faces of the internet when it comes to delivering real-time news. Yes, Twitter is actually a great source for news, and the fact that Google and Twitter signed a deal earlier this year, to once again display real-time search results in Google, adds to the ease of the user, who can get his/her news on and off the social network.

YouTube is also seeing a rival in the form of Facebook videos which are garnering several billion views per day. And not to mention that, Facebook is already making some good money from ads, and even recently signed up with content publishers to post stories directly on the social network, in News Articles. But that isn’t apparently enough to keep the user’s attention. Really, I think we waste a lot of time on the social network already.

Anyway, Facebook now wants to empower users with the ability to search for literally anything posted publicly on the network. The reason behind the move seems pretty obvious, as the company says that it already sees over 1.5 billion searches per day and also that its users have posted 2 trillion posts on its network. So, it is indexing them, and providing the information for the user whenever they need it.

Facebook says that the search box on its website will now offer better search suggestions, including personalized ones. It will also feature currently popular stories (like Twitter’s trending topics). Relevant posts, recent ones, and posts from friends will be prioritized.

Here’s the more interesting part, Facebook will now display publicly shared URLs (links for news articles, etc), in Search. This appears to be a way to somehow encourage its users to engage in more conversations and drop comments on the shared links.

As you may have guessed, Facebook’s new Search is currently only available for U.S English users. The service can be availed on Desktops, iPhones and Android devices.