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Facebook to feature content from your friends on top of the News Feed, but Pages could be doomed

Facebook to feature content from your friends on top of the News Feed, but Pages could be doomed

by AshwinApril 22, 2015

Social networking website, Facebook, has announced that it is making some changes to the way content is displayed in user’s News Feeds,

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Facebook says it is constantly evaluating the New Feed, and what would fit as a right mix for it.

Max Eulenstein, Product Manager and Lauren Scissors, User Experience Researcher at Facebook, writes that the purpose of the News Feed is to show content relevant to the user. This includes the balancing of updates from various sources connected to the account: friends, public figures, publishers, businesses, etc.

According to Facebook, the website is being updated to reflect changes based on the user feedback it has received for the way that users use News Feed and how to improve it.

Users who do not have a lot of content in their feed will be able to view multiple posts from a source in a row. Prior to the update, this had actually been disallowed, but has now been enabled to allow users to spend more time at the News Feed. The second change is that, the photos, videos, status updates and links from your friends and people you care about, will now be displayed in the top portion of the News Feed.

For e.g:

Let’s say one of your friends posted about landing a new job, or about getting engaged, or shared some pictures from their wedding. How would it look if they had posted the information and you missed it because it got lost over a ton of news posts? With that in mind, the move to feature posts from friends on the top of your News Feed sounds like great one.

But this doesn’t include third party content which your Friend liked or commented on. Because this update is mainly focused on delivering content to users “directly from their Friends and the Pages that a user has liked”.


What this really means is that, a user’s News Feed, will no longer display the content which their Friends have Liked or Commented on the top portion of the news feed. Instead, such content may be displayed lower down in the feed or may not be displayed at all.

So, you could still end up missing out on some important news a friend commented on.

The really bad news however is for Facebook Pages:

Facebook says the amount of referral traffic to publishers (such as blogs and media websites) has more than doubled in the past 18 months. But this update could well diminish the “referral traffic” for publishers. It could especially, severely impact pages which do not have a large audience.