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FBackup 6 adds support for Google Drive, new View modes and more

FBackup 6 adds support for Google Drive, new View modes and more

by AshwinJanuary 28, 2016

FBackup 6 has been released by Softland, the developer behind the free backup tool, as well as Backup4all, DoPDF and more.

FBackup 6

The new version of the backup software adds five new features and 3 new changes in the UI.

New features in FBackup 6:

The application, for the first time in its history, has included an option for saving backups on the cloud. Yes, Fbackup now supports Google Drive.

How to add a Google Drive account to FBackup?

1. Click on the File tab in the top left corner of the Fbackup Ribbon interface.

2. Select “Options” and then select the fourth option, “Google Drive”.

FBackup 6 Options
3. In the pop-up window which has opened, click on the “Add” button.

FBackup 6 Google Drive
4. This should open another window, called “Google Drive Authentication”.

5. Click on “Authentication”, and a new window will appear.

6. Login with your Google Drive account credentials, and authorize FBackup to access your Drive to store files and folders in it.

FBackup 6 Google Drive sign-in

Once enabled, you will be able to save your backups straight to Google Drive.

Tip: You can right-click on a backup and select properties > Destination > Cloud > Google Drive to change the place your backup is stored to Drive.

Progress View:

FBackup 6 now displays the progress of the current backup task which is running, in the main interface.

Backup View:

There is a new tab called Backup View in the ribbon, which allows you to see the contents which the application is configured to backup in a job. This is like a File explorer built into FBackup.

Search file/folder:

The above mentioned Backup View also lets you search for files and folders in a backup job as well. So in case you want to exclude something, or add a file, this will be pretty useful.
Here is a screenshot of FBackup 5 (FBackup 5.5 build 839)

The fifth feature is not a visible one, but an under the hood one. FBackup 6.0’s installer file, is now signed with a SHA-256 certificate, to comply with Microsoft Authenticode standards.

Changes in the UI:

The 3 changes in FBackup 6’s UI are some cosmetic changes to the Backup Options, New Backup Wizard and Backup Properties.


Existing users of FBackup 5 will be getting a notification asking them to update to FBackup 6. But you can always download FBackup 6 from the official website too, since there is a full offline installer available there. And should you to wish to download the previous version, FBackup 5.5 build 839, it is available from this webpage.