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Firefox for Windows 10 concept images released by Mozilla

Firefox for Windows 10 concept images released by Mozilla

by AshwinJuly 11, 2015

A few days ago, Mozilla announced that it would be releasing a brand new version of its Firefox browser.


It is called Firefox for Windows 10.

As you can guess from the name, it will be available through Microsoft’s Windows Store. And obviously, it will be a universal app, available for all Windows devices (PCs, hybrid devices, mobiles, tablets).

Interestingly, Mozilla had abandoned “Firefox for Windows Phone” devices last year, stating that the app had a very low userbase on Microsoft’s operating system for mobiles. It had also taken a shot at Windows Phone in doing so.

But now that Windows 10 is just around the corner, Mozilla sees the potential for Firefox to be used across all devices running the new operating system.

This is what a blog post by Mozilla says:

We’ll also soon deliver Firefox to new platforms, such as Firefox for iOS and Windows 10, where we will provide an independent and high-performing alternative to the stock browser.

Today, Mozilla released some concept images of what Firefox for Windows 10 looks like on PCs.

(refer to the above image)

To be honest, it doesn’t look that unique. It looks very very similar to the current Firefox version on PCs. The only major change is that it looks a bit flatter, which kind of complements Windows 10’s interface.

Firefox for Windows 10 will support search suggestions from the address bar. Check the image below:


Mozilla will also bring this feature to the regular version of Firefox, i.e, the Win32 app, in a future version.

Firefox for Windows 10, will also support themes. Here is a screenshot of the Title bar with the Light Theme.


And here is one showing the Dark Theme of Firefox 10 for Windows 10.


It looks quite simple, if you compare it with the richer theme present in Microsoft Edge.

View the full gallery of the Firefox for Windows 10 mock up images at Mozilla’s website. Keep in mind that this are just images from an early development version, as observed by Microsoft News. Maybe the final version will include some visual updates.

As we can see from the images, Firefox for Windows 10 does support Firefox Hello. Mozilla does support add-ons on its mobile browsers, so we can safely assume that Firefox for Windows 10 will also ship with the same features.

There is no ETA, as to when Firefox for Windows 10 will arrive, but it should prove to be a great advantage for Mozilla, as Google’s presence is non existent in the Windows Store. However, Microsoft Edge could prove to be a major competitor for Chrome and Firefox Win32 apps, as well as Firefox for Windows 10.