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FixMe.IT Remote Desktop Tool Review

FixMe.IT Remote Desktop Tool Review

by April 14, 2016

FixMe.IT Remote Desktop Tool Review

With numerous remote desktop software out there on the market, it’s often hard to make the right decision when it comes to searching for a new tool that’s cost-effective, yet doesn’t compromise on any vital features. For those short on budget and looking for a lightweight, intuitive application that offers a great set of functionality at a fraction of the cost of LogMeIn and ScreenConnect, FixMe.IT by Techinline could be a great choice. Now let’s take a closer look at what this tool can do, its subscription model and pricing.

The basic purpose of FixMe.IT is quite similar to other competing products – you can either connect to a remote computer, view its desktop and provide “live” support when needed, or set up unattended access and perform a variety of operations on a remote machine when the user is away. That said, FixMe.IT can mostly be used by IT helpdesks and technicians to provide technical support from anywhere in the world.

There are two types of FixMe.IT applications: Expert and Client. The first one is the main tool that allows you to connect to and manage the remote machine. The latter, in turn, allows the end client to grant authorization to the tech so they could connect to the computer remotely. This is a simple but great security feature meaning that no one can access your desktop without your consent.

Design & main interface

The Expert app’s interface is quite neat and minimalistic (in a good sense) – it’s designed to fit with the current version of your operating system, and overall, everything seems clear right from the start. There’s a Home tab where you can connect to a remote computer, see all session logs, chat with end clients and take advantage of the remote desktop toolbar, My Account form, Unattended Client list, Support section and Sign Out tab.

expert on start


Within the Unattended Clients list you can manage the unattended machines you’re connected to: change computer name, view specific user details, such as activity, status, along with the installation and last connection time. You can also refresh the list and see when it was last renewed at the right bottom of the application.

unattended clients list


Starting a new session

One of the key advantages of FixMe.IT is the speed of connecting to a remote computer. To start a new session, you need to click on the corresponding green button on your right, ask your end client to run the Client app which generates a unique ID, enter this ID and click Connect. Four easy steps – and that’s it. The client will then be notified that the session has started, and you’ll be able to take control of their desktop and perform a number of operations or assist them remotely.

start client in browser


starting a new session_expert

Good thing for the remote party to know is that they’re in full control of what’s happening: the client can either accept or decline the request to connect to their computer, as well as terminate the session at any moment.

As soon as you remote in the client’s computer, you’ll notice that a new session has been added to the connection panel. Here you can always see the client ID that was used to start the session, change the client name, add notes, and view the timer that displays the duration of the session.

expert app form


Toolbars & key features

When you’re connected to the remote desktop, you get a number of options to choose based on the kind of assistance you’re going to provide. The remote desktop toolbar located below the connection panel allows enabling remote desktop control/view and local desktop control/view, rebooting the remote machine in either safe or normal mode, requesting Windows password, transferring files, as well as setting up unattended access and remotely installing the client application.

remote desktop toolbar


Upon entering the remote desktop control mode, you’ll be able to take advantage of the session toolbar that provides useful tools, such as pencil, laser pointer, magnifier, multi-display control, and video recording. There’s also an Options menu which allows you to adjust the image quality and the size of the remote screen, enable or disable clipboard synch, and select a folder to store recorded session videos.

session toolbar

You can also send the CTRL-ALT-DEL command from the session toolbar, or alternatively, you can use the CTRL-ALT-END combination to quickly launch Task Manager on the remote computer.

Multi-monitor navigation is another feature worth mentioning again – it allows you to conveniently navigate through multiple remote screens by toggling between them or viewing it all at once. This one can be really helpful in many helpdesk scenarios.

The drag-n-drop file transfer feature works just the way it’s supposed to: no hassle over looking for the right button to click on – just drag and drop the file onto the remote desktop.

My Account tab

Here you can find a few setup files that will help you configure FixMe.IT on remote computers – for instance, you can download the Unattended Access installer package on a USB drive for future use during work travels. Besides that, here you can edit you profile information, customize branded FixMe.IT page to embed on your company website, and take advantage of the built-in reporting tool. The latter can be extremely useful if you want to stay on top of how the application is used. Here you can create external and internal reports, invoices, or any other type of documents, and export all that in XLS or PDF formats.


my account tab


Licensing & pricing

FixMe.IT is quite flexible in terms of pricing, and offers four types of subscription: monthly ($30), quarterly ($85), semi-annual ($160), and annual ($300). If you’re not willing to commit yourself to a long-term use of the product, you can take advantage of FixMe.IT’s per-session option, which appears to be rather unique on the market. You can opt for a five, twenty, fifty, or a 100-session bundle, and use the application when you please.

If you go with the subscription, you can count on running unlimited number of concurrent support sessions and manage up to 150 unattended machines. Additional unattended bundles can be purchased from the developer at any point.

What’s also good about the FixMe.IT licensing model, is that one license can easily be shared between multiple technicians, and it’s not tied to any particular computer. This can be extremely helpful in case you switch workstations and happen to travel a lot.

Last but not least, there’s a free 15-day trial available that can help you test all the features and decide if it’s the right fit for the needs.


As of now FixMe.IT works perfectly in Microsoft-powered environments and supports everything starting from Windows XP up to the latest version Windows 10. The downside is that it doesn’t support either Mac or iOS and Android. Given that most of organizations operate in Windows environments, and the developers from Techinline say mobile and Mac support is already in their pipeline, it’s still a minus, but definitely worth waiting for upcoming updates.


If your business requires Mac, iOS or Android support, you’ll need to look elsewhere. At least for now. But aside from that FixMe.IT will work just perfect for either small and medium sized business or private IT practitioners looking for a remote desktop tool that’s easy to use and affordable. Extremely lightweight, nicely designed, stuffed with all the features one might need, it would be a great choice for budget-conscious techs, and it would certainly help you get the job done without any headaches.

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