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Flickr announces Camera Roll, Uploadr for easy uploading, managing and sharing photos

Flickr announces Camera Roll, Uploadr for easy uploading, managing and sharing photos

by AshwinMay 9, 2015

Photo uploading and sharing service, Flickr has begun rolling out some new features for uploading and managing your photos.


The new features are called Camera Roll, and Uploadr.

In May 2013, Flickr announced that it was increasing the free storage for users from a 200 photos limit, to 1 Terabyte of storage space. Yes, it offers 1,000 GB storage space for free, but you can only use it for uploading photos and videos.

Let’s take a look at the new features of Flickr:

Flickr Camera Roll, as the name suggests displays your photos as a catalog, and lets you organize your photos. It will you to view your photos in an organized manner. It even supports mouse and touch screen gestures, and displays detailed information about photos (including the time taken, location). Camera Roll also includes an editor with has a slew of editing features for titles, descriptions, tags, metadata, etc.

Flickr-Magic View
Magic View is a feature available in Camera Roll, which will automatically organize your photos. It uses a computer vision technology to identify photos and sort them into various categories like Landscapes, People, Abstract, etc.


Besides storing photos, Camera Roll has social features including sharing photos and is also a social network itself. You can share multiple photos at once, i.e, Bulk Sharing, and share the link via email or post it at Facebook. Similarly you can also download photos in bulk using Camera Roll. Simply select the photos you want and download them in a compressed zip archive. You can then share the downloaded photos with whomever, and wherever you want.


Flickr Uploadr is available for Windows, and Mac, and allows users to upload images from your storage device (PC, HDD, iPhoto, Aperture, Dropbox, etc) to Flickr’s servers. Users can upload nearly half a million photos. The photos uploaded will be added to your Flickr account and will  be available across all platforms. Uploadr is also available for iOS and Android, and automatically uploads the photos you take on your smartphone, providing you an online backup of your snaps.

Flickr has also rolled out a new design for its web interface, as well as on its Android and iOS apps.

Canadian company Ludicorp, founded Flickr in 2004. Just over a year later Yahoo acquired Flickr in March 2005, for a reported sum of $25 Million. The new features of Flickr Camera Roll aren’t exactly exclusive, as Dropbox, Google Drive also offer editing and organizing features, in addition to automatically upload new photos taken on phones. Magic View however seems like an intriguing feature.