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Flip PDF Pro Review

Flip PDF Pro Review

by July 21, 2015

Flip PDF Pro Review.

Are you crazy about books and love to flip through book pages? If so, Flip PDF Pro is just for you because now you have the possibility not only to hold a real physical book in your hand, but also enjoy virtual books and view them like real books and turn their pages. With the help of the program you can create, edit, publish flip books and much more.

Download and Installation

You can download Flip PDF Pro from the official Flipbuilder website. The size of the installer is 102 MB and it is distributed as ZIP file. The program is offered in more than ten languages including English, French, German, etc.

The program is offered on “try before you by” basis, i.e. it has not got any functional limitations, but there are watermarks on each flip book. The price of the full version is quite high- $ 299, but it is a lifetime license, so all updates and upgrades will be free.

The installation process is straightforward and standard; just select the installation language, accept the license agreement, choose any installation location and create additional icons, for example, a desktop icon. That is all.

Optionally you can subscribe to the free newsletter to get the latest news about the program.

Installation 1

Installation 3

Installation 4

Installation 8

The Interface of the Program

The main window of Flip PDF Pro can be divided into four parts:

Main Menu– it is located at the top of the program and consists of six buttons with drop-down menus-

File- it contains tools for creating flip books, importing PDF files, themes, templates, saving projects, etc.

Publish- it is used for publishing created flip books and performing batch conversion.

Options- with the help of this button you can edit flash settings, create book covers, etc.

View- it offers different editing tools such as themes, plugins, scenes, etc.

Online- it provides access to Flipbuild online services where you can manage your uploaded flip books.

Help- it includes help files and some documentation related to the program.

A little below there is a Main Toolbar which provides quick access to the most used tools of the program; they are as follows:

Import PDF- for importing PDF documents and converting them to flip books.

Edit Pages- for editing flip books; after clicking on it, a new Edit window is opened where you can perform thorough editing of flip books.

Apply Changes- it saves performed changes.

Publish- for publishing and uploading created flip books online.

Manage Online Books- through this toolbar button you can manage uploaded flip books.

On the left side of Flip PDF Pro’s main window there is a Template Settings pane which includes different tools for editing Toolbar, Flash Display and Control settings of flip books on the one hand and applying various themes, plugins, etc. on the other hand.

On the right side is located a preview window which displays the current flip book.


The Main features of the Program

Import Features

The first step of creating flip books is a file import. Flip PDF Pro allows you to import any PDF file (or multi-PDF files) and images (the supported formats are JPG, JPEG, BMP and PNG).


Before importing files the program lets you configure and set up some options, namely:

Page Quality and Size– the program offers five different page quality and size levels-

Best quality largest file size

High quality larger file size

Medium quality medium file size

Low quality small file size

Lower quality smaller file size.

You have the possibility to specify and adjust additional settings by entering Quality Settings menu, i.e. Normal page quality (from 50 to 95), Normal page size (from 640 to 2048), Zoomed page quality (from 50 through 95), Zoomed page size (from 640 through 2048), and some others.

The page range to import– you can import the entire PDF document or select the custom range and import only needed pages, for example, pages from 5 to 12, etc.

Quality settings

Render Engine– Flip PDF Pro offers three different engines to import PDF and graphic files- SWF, Ghostscripts (the program provides you with a download link if you have not installed it on the computer yet) and Inner Library.


Watermark– with the help of the program you can place watermarks to any page and protect them against unauthorized use.

Flip PDF Pro allows you to create text, dynamic datetime, image, PDF and Shape watermarks.

The program provides you with a lot of different options for customizing and specifying watermark parameters. You have the possibility to define General options (for example, font, letter size and style and color on the one hand and positions in margins, tile style and metric units on the other hand), Text effects (i.e. opacity, rotation and shadow effects), Range (you can watermark all pages, only even and odd pages or manually specify those pages which you want to be watermarked), Links (Flip PDF Pro allows you to set the link to the watermark) and DateTime (for example, you can use default system date or custom date format).

In addition, you can watermark any pages with an image (all common graphic formats are supported by the program), PDF document or Shapes (the program offers three different shapes- lines, rectangle and circle).


Wide Range Options– Flip PDF Pro allows you to select one of three wide page options- None, Auto detect and All page is wide range.

Wide Page

In addition, with the help of the program, you can import bookmarks and links, enable search in flip books and remove PDF bleed box.

After applying all these settings, all you need is to click Import button and Flip PDF Pro converts your PDFs and images to the flip book format.

Custom Features

Templates– Flip PDF Pro offers a lot of different inbuilt templates that are conveniently sorted out by categories, for example, Classical, Flat, Slide, and so on, and gives stylish look to your created flip books. In addition, the program allows you to download a wide variety of free online templates and use them.


Themes– the program provides you with dozens of beautiful themes to select for and beautify created flip books, for example, among them I can mention the following- Antique, Black, Elegant and a lot of others.


Background– not only different themes to be added to your flip books, but also some inbuilt backgrounds, for example, landscape, space, waterdrop, etc.

In addition, you have the possibility to download and install tons of various backgrounds from the online collection of the program on the one hand or use your own ones (the program supports the following graphic formats- PNG, JPG, JPEG and BMP).


Scenes– if you are bored of static backgrounds and want to vivify your flip books with animated scenes, you can take full advantage of this feature. Flip PDF Pro offers a wide variety of both inbuilt and online scenes (for example, Moon, Grass, Peony, etc.). If you are not satisfied with the offered by the program scenes, you can create your own ones by specifying layer and layout settings.


Plugins– the program allows you to enrich your flip books with various inbuilt plugins, for example, you have the possibility to add MP3 player plugin, YouTube banner, news-slider, and a lot of others.


Assistant– with the help of this very interesting feature, you can input any desired text and generate an audio file from it using text to speech engines such as Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1, etc. You can apply audio narration to any page of the flip book or only to some of them.

Page Manager– with the Page Manager you can have full control over flip book pages; it allows you to add a new page, delete selected unneeded pages or re-arrange them.

Flip PDF Pro lets you thoroughly set up and configure Tool Bar, Flash Display and Flash Control settings.

Tool Bar Settings– the program offers various toolbar settings, for example, you can set color for the toolbar and its transparency, customize the flip book logo and add the URL link to iy; add some buttons to the toolbar or hide them, enable printing and sound, and a lot of others.

Flash Display Settings– with the help of these settings you have the possibility to set page thickness and color, corner width, page width and height, background color, page numeration, book margins, etc.

Flash Control Settings– it is very important to protect the created flip book from unauthorized use and illegal distribution; in this section you can create a single password and protect all pages of the document from viewing or manually specify some of them.

In addition, Flip PDF Pro allows you to embed Google Analytics ID into the flip book and track its popularity on the Internet.

Edit Pages Features

Flip PDF Pro provides you with a wide range of advanced tools to edit flip books. With the help of the program you can perform the following actions:

Links– you can add links to the flip book from the webpage or internal flip book page.

Movie– you can add video files from the local computer or from the URL link (the program currently supports the following video formats- FLV, F4V and MP4). In addition, you have the possibility to specify video size options, reflection shadow and its color, rotation, etc. Flip PDF Pro allows you to play video files with the help of inbuilt player before publishing it.


YouTube and Vimeo– you can add video clips to the flip book from the popular video sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Sound– you can add MP3 files to the flip book from the computer or using and specifying URL address.


Image– the program allows you to add image files to the created flip book. You have the possibility to select images from Clipart Library offered by the program (images are conveniently grouped by categories, for example, animals, computer, social media, etc.) or from your computer.

In addition, you can add several photos and make a slideshow from them on the flip book.


Text– you can add text to the flip book and specify its font, letter size, color and style, etc. Additionally, the program lets you add animation effects to the text, web links, etc.


Flash– you can add flash, i.e. SWF files to the flip book by selecting them from the computer or from SWF Library offered by the program. Flip PDF Pro contains tons of SWF files sorted out by categories (for instance, tree, birds, fish, etc.), so you may always find something interesting for you.


Shapes– you can add different shapes (i.e. rectangle, triangle, ellipse, circle, etc.) to the flip book.


Hotspots– different hotspots can be added to the flip book to draw readers’ attention to something important in the text. Flip PDF Pro provides you with a lot of various hotspot types.

Buttons– you can provide your created flip book with custom buttons and specify their use and function.

Publish Features

Publish– you can publish created flip books using different options, i.e. as HTML version (the program allows you to select one of four versions- Flash-HTWL 5, HTML 5- Flash or Flash and HTML 5 only), EXE file, APP (i.e. as executable application which is compatible with MAC operating system) and FBR (i.e. as a special flip book format).

In addition, you have the possibility to publish flip books as WordPress plug-in or as Joomla and Drupal module.

You can also compress flip books to ZIP format after publishing or burn them to CD disks.


Upload– with the help of Flip PDF Pro you can upload created flip books using Flipbuilder online service; the program allows you to publish only five books with upload service; if you need more, you can buy additional points.

After uploading the flip book, the program will provide you with URL link which can be copied or viewed on any browser.

In addition, you have the possibility to share your book on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., send it via email or embed the publication to your website.

You can also upload created publications to FTP server or email them to your friends or partners.

Flip PDF Pro offers a very interesting feature which allows you to create a screensaver from the flip book and use it on the computer.

All uploaded books can be edited and managed online; you can correct, delete, etc. your flip books, create online bookshelves and share them, and so on.

Upload online

Upload online 3

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 8.1

Flash Player



Flip PDF Pro is a program which specially designed for those who like creating and reading books. It helps you to convert standard and boring PDF documents to amazing animation flip books and make real masterpieces from them. Thanks to a lot of advanced features, you can control every step of book creating from conversion to publishing online.

If you want to create, edit and read these fantastic books, all you need is Flip PDF Pro- all in one solution for creating stunning flip books.


1. Convert PDF documents to amazing flip books with just one click
2. Edit flip books
3. Publish books online
And a lot of other features


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