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FlippingBook Publisher 2 Review

FlippingBook Publisher 2 Review

by January 1, 2016

FlippingBook Publisher Review

Of course, nothing can be compared with real books! You can feel them; you can turn their pages, and so on. But thanks to the rapid growth of electronic flip book publications that allow you to read turning pages like real books, you can now enjoy reading not only holding books in your hands, but also sitting at your PC, more than that, on your tablets, smartphones, and so on. Flip books are such kind of books which turn boring PDF documents or static images to real books. The only insignificant difference between them is that real books are read in a paper format while flip books are read in an electronic format.

FlippingBook Publisher 2 will give you everything for creating great flip books. It is an advanced application which will help you to create amazing flip books from PDF documents and images that can be used, read and looked like a real book.

Download and Installation- the trial version is available for download from the official website. It is an online installer (only about 5 MB in size), so you need an Internet connection to download a full version and then install it.

FlippingBook Publisher 2 comes in three different versions- Basic, Professional and Business. The full list of all available features for each version and pricing you can find on the FlippingBook website.

The trial version is functional for 30 days, but it has got some limitations; for example, you cannot import more than ten pages; your publication will be watermarked with FlippingBook logo, and some others.

The installation procedure is very straightforward; after downloading all necessary components, the program will start their installation. That is all. FlippingBook Publisher 2 is ready to use and you can start using it.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 4

Interface- the main interface of the program is simply designed and therefore it is very easy to use and navigation. The main welcome window can be divided into two parts- on the left side there is a pane that contains several buttons for creating a new project, opening an existing one for applying some changes and modifications and restoring uploaded flip books from the FlippingBook cloud server. In addition, the program also displays the most recent projects created by you.

On the right side there is another pane that is divided into three tabs- Quick Start (it contains a button for importing files into the program or simply dragging and dropping them using your mouse on the one hand and some informative details about the program and tutorials), FlippingBook Cloud (this tab provides access to your FlippingBook cloud page where you can view your publications, share them among your friends, and so on), and Information 9this tab contains some useful info about using the program).

Interface 1

Interface 2

Interface 3

The main features of the program

FlippingBook Publisher 2 offers unlimited possibilities for creating, editing and publishing stunning flip books; only three easy steps are required to make such books, namely, File Import, File Edit and, finally, File Publish. After performing all these steps correctly, you will get an amazing flip book and enjoy its beauty with all friends and partners.

File Import- for importing files it is enough to click on the “Import Files” button or simply drag and drop them to the program. FlippingBook Publisher 2 currently supports the following file types- PDF documents, image (JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF and TIFF) and SWF files.

Before importing files, the program allows you to specify some options and settings and prepare them for editing and publishing. You have the possibility to import an entire PDF file or manually specify the desired pages on the one hand and import a single image file or the whole folder with images.

After that you should select one of project types offered by the program; the following project types are available- Catalog (for business brochures, etc.), Document (for presentations, etc.), Magazine (for electronic magazines, and so on), Book (for books, dictionaries, and so forth) and Photo (for slideshows, etc.). All you need is to select the most appropriate type depending on the format of imported files.

And, finally, before importing the document, FlippingBook Publisher 2 allows you to select one of four conversion profiles- Optimal, Best quality, Small file size and Flash conversion. If you want to customize some conversion settings, you can take full advantage of Import profile options and specify, for example, Import Options (i.e. links, page labels, etc.), Conversion Format (for example, SWF, JPEG or PNG), and so on.

That is all; your document is now ready for importing; just click on the “Start” button and it will be converted to the flip book.

Import 1

Import 2

File Edit- PDF documents and image or SWF files imported into the program will be opened in the new window after converting. This window is very convenient and easy to navigate; everything that is required for thorough and full editing of your flip book project will be found here.

At the top of the window there is a Menu Bar with drop-down buttons- File (it contains some basic commands for creating a new project, updating the existing one, and so on), Edit (it includes tools for editing your flip book, for example, inserting a link or video, etc.), Publication (through this button you can access and use different ways to publish created flip books), View (it contains some additional info about the program and provides you with links to view online tutorial or buy a full version).

A little below there is a Toolbar which allows you to access some main commands, for example, with the help of this toolbar you can quickly create or edit flip books, insert links or media, and so on.

The main window of the program is divided into three parts- Properties, Working area and Skin editor and Text captions.

Properties pane is located on the left. It includes three tabs- Table of contents, Pages and Properties.

Table of contents tab displays full contents of your flip book and you can edit the main contents of it, for example, you can change the title, insert or remove pages, and so on.

Page tools tab provides you with a lot of different tools for editing pages of the flip book. With the help of the program you can import pages, manage page order (for instance, move pages to other place, reverse page order or shuffle pages), split or unite pages, adjust the desirable book size, reset numeration, and some other actions.

Properties tab offers a lot of different tools which help you to perform various editing actions with your flip book.

Main Settings section allows you to specify the publication name of your flip book project, add Google Analytics UA number, select the desired background image (the following image files are supported- JPG, JPEG and PNG) and background color, panel, title, window and text color; adjust the book size, and so on.

In Publication Components section you have the possibility to add or remove some flip book components, for example, bookmarks, download, print, search buttons, and so on.

In Branding Settings section you can select the desired background logo, background logo placement, copyright button, and a lot of others.

The Working Area pane is situated in the center of the program and it displays currently edited PDF document and image or SWF files. It has got everything for easy navigation, i.e. buttons for zooming in and out, printing, sharing and navigating from one page to another.

Skin Editor and Text Captions pane is located on the right side of the program and it is divided into two tabs- Skin Editor and Text Captions.

Skin Editor tab allows you to edit your publication effectively; it includes plenty of different commands to edit flash settings, main menu of the flip book (for example, header, background, etc.), Bottom menu (i.e. buttons, icons, etc.), Side and popup windows, tooltips, video player, and so on.

Text Captions tab also includes tons of commands; you can select the desired font and provide each window, navigation panel and menus with captions; for example, you have the possibility to edit share, save and print window, top bar, bottom menu and zoom bar, and so on.

In addition, FlippingBook Publisher 2 allows you to insert URL link, Video URL, Popup image and product link into your flip book.

Editor 1

Editor 3

Editor 4

Editor 7

Editor 2

File Publish- FlippingBook Publisher 2 offers several ways for publishing created flip books; so you can easily select the most appropriate way for you to publish them. The program allows you to upload your projects to the FlippingBook Cloud and store them there (after uploading to the cloud, the program will provide you with the link to share your publication among friends and relatives; just copy it and send them. In addition, you have the possibility to share your flip book via social network websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc., send by mail, insert to your website or mobile devices, for example, iPad, iPhone or Android); FTP server (just enter the required details in the new opened window); HTML (for viewing online) and transfer to a CD or DVD disk, USK stick, and so on.

Publish 1

Publish 2

Publish 4

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

Microsoft. Net Framework 4.0

Adobe flash player 10.3 or newer

4 GB of RAM

Internet connection for using cloud services and uploading files

500 MB of free hard disk space

Core 2 Duo processor or better.


FlippingBook Publisher 2 is a very powerful publishing application for creating electronic flip books with a realistic turning pages effect. It has got a very convenient and intuitive interface on the one hand and plenty of features on the other hand that allow you to create astonishing electronic publications for online use. The program is very easy to use; all you need is just to import PDF documents or images and apply the desired settings and options. That is all; your electronic magazines, catalogs, brochures, books and presentations with page turning effect are ready for viewing.


1. Very intuitive interface.
2. A lot of features to create stunning flip books.
3. Support for mobile devices.
4. Cloud service,
And much more.


1. The trial version is feature-limited.
2. Very expensive for an average user.

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