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Franzis HDR Projects Professional 3 Review

Franzis HDR Projects Professional 3 Review

by September 7, 2015

Franzis HDR Projects Professional 3 Review.

It does not matter if you are a professional photographer or just a photo amateur; Franzis HDR Projects Professional 3 is an application for everybody and it will help you to create and edit superb HDR images.

Download and Installation

Franzis HDR Projects Professional 3 can be downloaded from the official website; the installer is not large, just about 85 MB in size and available in three languages- English, German and French. The demo version is fully functional and it can be used without restrictions for 30 days.

The installation procedure is straightforward. All you need is to select the installation language, accept the license agreement and choose destination location for extracting files. That is all.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 5

installation 10

The Interface of the Program

The main window of the program before importing an image (or images) is as follows:

At the top of the program there are six buttons with drop-down menus:

File– it is used for importing image files, saving performed results, etc.

Edit– it allows you to select one of four editing tools for processing images, for example, RAW processing, etc.

View– it provides you with some information on the one hand and allows you to choose the desired interface style of the program on the other hand, etc.

Extras– it contains some extra tools and settings of the program.

Add-ons– it is used for importing or removing different add-ons of the program.

Information– it includes info about the current version of the program and provides you with a link to the Franzis website.

A little below there is a toolbar which contains buttons for importing images, opening created HDR photos, etc.


The Main Features of the Program

Supported Image Formats– JPEG, BMP, PNG, PSD, PCX, TARGA, C64, AMIGA, Mac, Silicon Graphics, OpenEXR, Radiance RGBE, Portable Floatmap, TIFF 32 Bit.

Supported Cameras– Canon, Epson, Kodak, Konica, Nikon, and a lot of others (see the full list of cameras on the official website).

HDR Preparation– After importing the image Franzis HDR Projects Professional 3 will offer you to define some options before editing it. You have the possibility to select Colour Space Conversion (for example, Standard RGB, Adobe RGB, etc.), White Balance (for example, Candelight, Cloudy sky, Fog, etc.) and White balance temperature (both manually and automatically).

In addition, you can activate colour noise suppression for images by choosing one of three options- Normal (normal accuracy), Exact (medium accuracy) and Maximum (maximum accuracy); set the level of noise suppression from sharp to soft; optimize exposure, dark areas and details, and so on.

After selecting the desired options of the image, you can start HDR editing.

HDR preparation

Edit Exposure Bracketing– this is a first step of amazing HDR image creation and it allows you to apply HDR weight default settings and different advanced HDR algorithms to the image.

The main editing window is divided into three parts: on the left there is Exposure bracketing area with at least three images, in the center a Viewing area, which displays currently edited image and, finally, on the right HDR algorithms area which includes different HDR algorithms.

Exposure bracketing area displays a preview of exposure bracketed image and its weighting matrix; the program allows you to adjust the global weight to the image from weak through strong on the one hand and exposure value from dark to bright on the other hand.

You have the possibility to change HDR weight default settings by selecting one of them. The program offers the following settings- User, Equal, Luminance, Congruence, Luminance / Congruence, master dominant, Luminance dominant and Shadow dominant.

Franzis HDR Projects Professional 3 includes different HDR  algorithms that can be applied to the image during HDR creation. They are as follows: Average, Enthropy, Luminance distance, Colourmix, Luminance enthropy, Luminance RGB, Linear luminance, Logorithmic luminance, Quadric luminance, Chroma, Absolute distance, Luminance sharpness and Colour sharpness. Each of these algorithms is good for different purposes and images; they are provided with tooltips, so you will select the needed one without any problem. For example, if you want to get a colourful and intense HDR image, you can select Colour sharpness algorithms, and so on.

After choosing one of HDR algorithms, you can perform some additional operations, i.e. HDR smoothing (for smoothing the weightings of the image; the program offers five options- Custom, Sharp, Normal, Soft and very Soft), Denoising (from sharp to soft), Smoothing (from hard to soft), Night / Daytime 9i.e. lighter or darker) and Halo adjustments (from low to large).

RAW Processing– Franzis HDR Projects Professional 3 has got a special RAW module to process RAW image files. The program offers nine different adjustments options in this module; they are as follows:

White Balance– it allows you to control and select a colour temperature for your image on the one hand and set the colour for white balancing.

In addition, the program lets you remove a white balancing colour from the image using a special pipette tool.

White Balance

Denoising / Sharpness– you have the possibility to define the desired quality level of denoising and sharpness from low to high. You can also set the intensity of the denoising, smooth colours and luminance, delete hot pixels and sharpen the image.


Colour Balance– with the help of this option you can set the colour balance between magenta and green, cyan and red and yellow and blue tones.

Color Balance

Exposure– with this option you can adjust exposure parameters, i.e. brilliance (from normal to brilliant), brightness (from dark to bright), contrast (from low to high), shadows (from darker to brighter), lights (from darker to brighter), black point level (from black to grey) and white point level (from grey to white).


Detail– this option allows you to regulate and adjust clarity, shadows, middle tones, lights, micro-details, and shadows to the image details.

Colour– it allows you to adjust colour parameters, i.e. you have the possibility to set up and control the colour intensity of the chromatic aberration, colour, shadows and lights.

Palette– with the help of this option you can set the intensity of different colour tones, for example, red, orange, green tones, and so on.

Distortion– it is used to correct different image distortions, for example, peripheral light or lens correction, etc.


Edit Weightings– in this section of the program you have the possibility to retouch the image using different brushes, assign RGB (i.e. red, green and blue balance) and change weightings.

Franzis HDR Projects Professional 3 offers several brushes for editing, namely, circle, square, hash, rectangle, stick and triangle, and allows you to change the opacity of brushes and their size.

Using different tools you can effectively control, regulate and edit weightings on the image. The program allows you to increase, reduce or delete these weightings on the one hand and blur and remove ghosting effects on the other hand.

With the help of these tools you can change and delete the HDR image weightings according to your requirements.

Post-processing– After editing exposure bracketing and weightings, you can proceed to the final step and apply some desired presets and filters offered by the program.

Franzis HDR Projects Professional 3 includes 81 different presets which are conveniently sorted out according several categories, i.e. Natural (15 presets), Landscape (15 presets), Monochrone (13 presets), Surreal (8 presets), Architecture (14 presets) and Artistic (16 presets).

The program offers two different editing modes- Standard and expert. Using the Standard mode you have the possibility to apply and edit intelligent effect of the tone mapping (i.e. colour median, based on brightness or supersampling), light effect of the tone mapping (i.e. daylight, dawn or night).

In addition, with the help of Optimization Assistant you can activate the automatic optimization of denoising, tonal value, clarity and sharpness of the image.

In the Expert mode you can select one of ten tone mapping methods, i.e. Average Exponent, Average Gradient, Gradient Contrast, gradient Luminance, Surreal, and so on.

Franzis HDR Projects Professional 3 offers a lot of post-processing filters (72 in number) that can be applied to the image, for example, Film grain (this filter adds to the photo and simulate so called film grain effect), Negative (this filter transforms the photo into the negative colour), Sepia Tones (it converts your photo into well-known sepia tones), Comic Style (just use this filter and transform your photo into your favourite comic book image style on the one hand and control radius, line thickness, solarization and brightness of the photo), Wax (this filter is used for transforming the selected black and white photos into a wax image by adding an additional layer of wax), and so on.

Comic style Filter

Sepia Tones filter

Artistic Old Television Preset

Extras– Franzis HDR Projects Professional 3 contains some extra tools; they are as follows:

Batch Processing– with the help of this tool you have the possibility to convert several photos at the same time without manual intervention. All you need is to select the desired folder, i.e. the source file and output directory for saving converted images.

In addition, the program allows you to select graphic formats, for example, TIFF 16 bit, JPEG 16 bit, etc. and file filters, for example, Camera RAW, HDR, PNG, etc.

You can also specify HDR default settings (for example, Standard, Enthropy, Colourmix, etc.) and post-processing preset options (i.e. Natural, Artistic, etc.).

Batch Processing

Panorama View– with the help of this tool you can activate a panoramic view of any photo just clicking on the appropriate button. The photo can be viewed using a mouse or automatically.

Compare Window– it is a very necessary and useful tool which allows you to compare two photos simultaneously (i.e. the source photo and converted one). The program lets you compare two photos vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Plugin– Franzis HDR Projects Professional 3 is available as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom.

Compare Window

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 8.1

Dual Core Processor

2 GB of RAM

2 GB of free hard disk space

Screen Resolution- 1280 x 1024


Franzis HDR Projects Professional 3 is an irreplaceable tool for those who are interested in HDR photography because it offers practically everything for creating amazing HDR images. Thanks to a lot of different tools included in the program, you have the possibility to control every step of HDR creation on the one hand and apply and adjust a lot of unique and advanced settings, presets and filters to the images on the other hand.


1. A lot of tools for creating amazing HDR images
2. Unique HDR algorithms
3. Plenty of presets and filters


The program is available only in three languages

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