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Franzis Silver Projects Professional Review

Franzis Silver Projects Professional Review

by August 20, 2015

Franzis Silver Projects Professional Review.

Black and white photos are not so popular nowadays. Digital photography and colour photos are almost replaced them.

If you want to feel the beauty and originality of the black and white photos, I recommend you to download and install a program called Franzis Silver Projects Pro. It will help you not only to convert colour photos into black and white images, but also effectively edit them using a lot of different presets and filters.

Download and Installation

Silver Projects Pro can be downloaded from the official website; the installer is not large, just about 80 MB in size and available in three languages- English, German and French. The demo version is fully functional and it can be used without restrictions for 30 days. The only disadvantage is a watermark on created photos.

The installation procedure is straightforward. All you need is to select the installation language, accept the license agreement and choose destination location for extracting files. That is all.

Installation 2

Installation 3

Installation 10

The Interface of the Program

The main screen of Silver Projects Pro is very easy to navigate and use; it is similar to such kind of programs. It is divided into three main parts- Toolbar (at the top of the screen), Default Settings (on the left) and Expert Mode (on the right).

The Toolbar includes five buttons with drop-down menus:

File- it contains commands for loading, saving and opening images.

Edit- it allows you to start editing converted photos.

View- with the help of this drop-down button you can access EXIF information window, HDR histogram, etc. on the one hand and change interface style and frame colour on the other hand.

Extras- it provides you with access to some tools such as batch processing, etc. and to the settings of the program.

Information- it gives you info about the program and links to Silver Projects homepage and help files.

A little below there are toolbar buttons that provide quick access to the most frequent operations such as loading, saving created projects, etc. on the one hand and contain some additional tools for zooming, rotating photos, etc. on the other hand.

On the left side is located a Default Settings area which contains different default presets of the program conveniently sorted out by groups, for example, Natural, Landscape, etc.

On the right side there is an Expert Mode pane which allows you to perform various post-processing operations with photos using a lot of different filters, apply photo film emulation, select the desired colour tone, etc.


The main features of the Program


Silver Projects Pro offers a lot of default and pre-defined presets which may be applied to the photos. All these presets are conveniently grouped according to categories, i.e. Natural, Surreal, Portrait, artistic, etc.

You have the possibility to select any of these presets and apply to the photos or combine them for achieving more amazing graphic and photo results.

Each preset category contains several varieties, for example, in the Artistic preset category you can find Artistic old photo, Artistic vintage, Artistic framed, etc.

All presets can be imported into the program, or, on the contrary, exported out of it.


The main advantage and usefulness of the program is that it can convert not only colour photos to black and white ones, but also edit them. Silver Projects Pro includes a lot of filters which allow you, for example, to add different effects, adjust brightness, control black and white balance, apply different styles, and many others. The total number of these filters is simply amazing. The program offers 60 various filters; they are as follows:

Average noise suppression– with this filter you can easily and effectively to denoise a photo, i.e. defects left by a digital camera lens and make it clearer and brighter. After using this filter your created black and white photos will be smoother and more visible.

Average Noise suppression

Detail strengthener– details on the photo are not bright and somewhat hazy? If it is so, you can take full advantage of this filter which will help you to sharpen and enhance this haziness and make blurred details on the photo clearer and lighter.

Details strengthener

Hotpixel noise suppression– this filter allows you to denoise so called hotpixels, i.e. defects on the photo which, as a rule, occur when you take a photo in low light. By means of it, you can get rid of these defective pixels without degrading your photo.

Hotpixel noise suppression

Min / Max suppression– this filter lets you denoise photos which have got sharp contours.

Reduce in-motion blurring– in-motion blurring is one of the most common photographic defects with which photographers are often faced. It may occur due to, for example, rapid movement of objects, poor lighting, etc. The program includes a special filter which allows you to correct this defect and reduce in-motion blurring on the photo.

Reduce in-motion blurring

Reduce inference– this photo defect which often occurs when we save images and looks like repetitive lines or dots that are superimposed on each other. It is a so called Moire pattern. With the help of this filter you have the possibility to correct this defect.

Reduce interference

Sharpening levels– it is used for sharpening blurred details on the photo.

Sharpening levels

Adjust horizon– with this filter you can straighten and adjust horizon on the photo, i.e. make it more visible and clearer.

Adjust horizon

Airbag distortion– it is a very interesting photo effect which allows you to distort a photo and give it the form and shape of the inflated airbag.

Airbad distortation

Glass panel– it is used for adding a glass pane effect to the photo.

Glass panel

Lens correction– this filter is of use when you want to correct lens curvatures on the photo. It allows you to straighten out these photo defects and remove these curvatures.

Magnet– this filter allows you to apply distortion to any selected areas of the image and control its strength, size and zoom.


Rotation and Zoom– with this filter you can zoom and rotate the photo on the right or left.

Twirl– with the help of this filter you have the possibility to twirl the photo on the right or left and specify the size, twist and zoom.

Add film grain– this filter adds to the photo and simulate so called film grain effect.

Add Film Grain

Adjust light and shadow– with this filter you will get full control over the light and shadow balance of your photos. The program allows you to remove the lights and shadows or, on the contrary, adjust them to the photo.

Automatic black / white point– it automatically adjust black and white colours by determining the darkest and brightest points and increasing photo brightness.

Balance local contrast– with this filter you can increase or decrease local contrast on the photo.

Balance Local contrast

Black and white– this filter fills the photo with black and white colours and creates an amazing image.

Black and White

Bleach bypass– it adds a special bleaching effect to the photo.

Brightness control– it allows you to control brightness of the photo by adjusting shadows, middle tones and lights.

Brightess control

Brightness- contrast- gamma– it gives you full control over the photo and allows you to regulate its brightness, contrast and gamma.

Expose centre– it allows you to increase the exposure and make the edges darker.

Expose outlines to light– using this filter, you can increase or decrease the exposure to light.

Expose outlines to light

Gradation curve– using a gradation curve, you can add exposure to any selected area on the photo.

Histogram balance– with the help of this filter, you can regulate the brightness of the photo.

Light tuning– it is used for adding a virtual light source to your photo.

Manual black / white point– with this filter you have the possibility to define black and white points on the image manually.

Manual black and white point

Soft contrast– this filter allows you to adjust the contrast by means of offered blurring mask.

Structure– the program offers five different structures, i.e. cracks, metal, paper, puzzle and textile, and allows you to cover the photo with a layer of cracks, fabric, etc.

Structure- Cracks

Structure- Puzzle 1

Veiling glare– this filter is of use for reducing the glare on the photo.

Vignetting– it is used to increase the brightness of darkened corners of the image on the one hand and call attention to any details on the other hand.


Colour gradient– you can use this filter if you want to add a colour gradient to the photo.

Colour gradient

Fade– it is used for reducing colour intensity on the image by applying a special fading effect.

Negative– this filter transforms the photo into the negative colour.


Sepia tones– it converts your photo into well-known sepia tones; other tones also may be applied by selecting the desired ones.

Sepia tones

Directional blurring– with this filter you can apply a blurring effect to the photo by specifying its direction and length.

Directional blurring

Focus– this filter lets you focus attention on one detail on the photo.

Glamour lighting– with this filter you can transform your photo into fairy-tale beauty; it casts a glamour light over the photo.

Radial soft focus– it applies a radial soft focus and allows you to select the desired length of the sector and rotation angle.

Smooth colour channel– with this filter you have the possibility to add RGB (i.e. red, green and blue colour) channels to the photo.

Soft focus-keep details– this filter strongly blurs the photo, but at the same time leaves all details visible.

Warp– it adds a directional blurring effect to the photo; the program allows you to determine the length, centre and type of blur.


Artistic details strengthener– this filter is for you if you want to strengthen or highlight some details on the photo.

Baroque painting– with the help of this filter you can create photos à la baroque.

Baroque painting

Brush painting– you can become a painter with the help of this filter and create outstanding and amazing brush painted photos with just one click of the mouse.

Brush painting

Bubble tea– this filter adds small bubbles to the image.

Comic style– do you like comic-book drawing? If it is so, just use this filter and transform your photo into your favourite comic book image style on the one hand and control radius, line thickness, solarization and brightness of the photo.

Comic Style

Cubify– it adds to the photo cubic details; you have the possibility to set up size and transparency of the cubes.


Foil and film– this filter applies foil and film effects to the photo and allows you to control transparency of the image.

Frame– this filter lets you add a frame to the photo and effectively control its curvature, width and colour.

Painting– unleash your inward creativity and painting skills by transforming your photos into artistic images with one click of the mouse.


Pencil drawing– it transforms your photo into pencil drawing. The program allows you to adjust the desired line thickness (from narrow to wide) and line hardness (from soft to hard).

Pencil drawing

Posterize– with this filter you can posterize your photo, i.e. create a photo effect with limited quantity of hues. You can control the level of brightness by means of a special slider and set the desired number of layers.

Solarise– this is a photo effect known in the 19 century. During solarization of photos light hues are transformed into dark ones, illuminated areas are transformed into shadows and shadows into lights. Solarized photos are very beautiful and attractive.

Wax image– this filter is used for transforming the selected black and white photos into a wax image by adding an additional layer of wax.


Silver Projects Pro contains some extra tools; they are as follows:

Batch Processing– with the help of this tool you have the possibility to convert several photos at the same time without manual intervention. All you need is to select the desired folder, i.e. the source file and output directory for saving converted images.

In addition, the program allows you to select graphic formats, for example, TIFF, JPG, PNG, etc., and specify some processing settings, i.e. presets, panorama view, etc.

Batch Processing

Panorama View– with the help of this tool you can activate a panoramic view of any photo just clicking on the appropriate button. The photo can be viewed using a mouse or automatically.

Compare Window– it is a very necessary and useful tool which allows you to compare two photos simultaneously (i.e. the source photo and converted one). The program lets you compare two photos vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Compare Window 2

Photo Film emulation– it provides you with virtually historic material from Agfa, Kodak, etc.

Plugin– Franzis Silver Projects Pro is available as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom.

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 8.1

Processor Core Duo

2 GB of RAM

2 GB of free hard disk space


Franzis Silver Projects Pro is a great application which is of interest for both professional photographers and photo amateurs. It gives them unlimited possibilities for creation of outstanding black and white photo masterpieces. With the help of the program you can create amazing black and white photos, moreover, not simply create them, but also add different effects and filters.

Franzis Silver Projects Pro is a program for creative people; so unleash your creativity and try it!


1. It offers a lot of different presets and filters
2. It contains some additional tools
3. It is available as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom


1. It is available only in three languages
2. It does not provide a comprehensive manual

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