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Free Download Manager 5.1 Beta released, brings in a brilliant new UI

Free Download Manager 5.1 Beta released, brings in a brilliant new UI

by AshwinDecember 29, 2015

Free Download Manager has released the first beta version of its app, FDM 5.

Free Download Manager 5.1 UI Windows

Over the years, I have used several download managers, including Orbit Downloader (until it was found to come with OpenCandy), FDM, IDM (Internet Download Manager) and many more.

But on my work computer, I still use FDM, because it still is the most efficient of any free downloader apps out there. You can use it to download any file, including YouTube videos, file, thanks to its superb browser integration using official extensions.

For some odd reason, FDM has jumped straight from 3.9.x to version 5.x, and has skipped version 4. Let’s dive right in and see what the new version has to offer.

First off, the UI has been revamped, and it simply looks brilliant, replacing the dull UI that 3.x had. Look at the screenshot above to check the new interface. FDM 5.1 has a flat design, with a card like sections. The top bar has a + button for adding URLs to download, followed by options to Start, Pause Downloads, and one to move the download to a new directory. The search button, ensures that you don’t have to sift through a huge list of downloads, simply enter a part of the filename and it will be displayed in the app.

The hamburger menu on the top right corner, houses the settings of FDM. You can opt-in to receive beta updates for the app, should you wish to. The app now has a new software engine which offers better performance and responsiveness.

The download window of FDM 5.1 now offers image and video preview, meaning you don’t have to open a different app to view the content.

Free Download Manager 5.1 Image preview

Here is a glimpse of the Mac OS X version of FDM 5.1:

Free Download Manager 5.1 Mac OS X

Download Free Download Manager 5.1 Beta from the official website. The installer is about 38MB in size, which is more than twice the size of its predecessor. The new app will replace your existing installation of FDM 3, so make sure to take a backup of your existing settings, before installing version 5.

The bad news is that FDM 5 does not support Windows XP and Vista. But the developers say that incase there is popular demand, they will add support for the two older operating systems. So currently, you will need Windows 7 and above, or Mac OS X 10.9 and above to use FDM 5.1 on your computer.

If you wish to give the current stable version a try, download Free Download Manager 3.9.7 build 1625.

The best part is that it comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions (including the new beta version). The app is open source, and you can find the source code at SourceForge.